The LOVE Programme 2018

Kuching Food Critics
The LOVE Programme 2018

Kuching Food Critics Christmas Charity Present Giving Ceremony

Date / Time : 
22nd December 2018 (Saturday) @ 2.00pm

Location :
Sarawak General Hospital @ Kids Wards.

Official Approval Letter from Sarawak General Hospital Director, Dr Chin Zin Hing to us.

Estimated 200 Paediatric Patients at Kids Wards @ Sarawak General Hospital.

We are giving out 200 Bags (Contain as shown above) to 200 Kids at SGH Kids Wards. 

Photo of Volunteers who helped to packed all the 200 Bags with Goodies. Photo taken at Gaya Sports Sdn Bhd.

Volunteers help to arrange the bags.

Volunteer help to arrange Drawing Book with Colour Pencil and Stationary. 

Every Bags is include with a box of Lego Toys. YEAH !

Volunteer help to arrange Story Books for every Bags.

All together is 200 Bags.

All Volunteers is doing their part to arrange and pack the goodies into the bags.

Volunteers is folding letter from us for the kids.

Photo taken with all the Donors and Volunteers in front of Sarawak General Hospital Entrance (Gate B) on 22nd December 2018 (Saturday) @ 2.00pm. 

Due to the Patient Privacy and Hospital Rules, photo taking is prohibited. Photo shown below is the proof of hand over the Bags to the Sisters/Nurse of the Kids Wards.  

List of Donors Who Donate & Participate In This Event.

Posted by one of our Kuching Food Critics members who has a Daughter admitted at SGH Kids Ward.