Our Community Project


In Kuching Food Critics, We not only posting, sharing info about Kuching Food or doing Special Promo for members, We also do some community Project where we will organize activities or events related to Food only and then partly of our income will go to our Community Project. Our community project fund normally will goes to Registered Charitable Organization or any Non Government Organization (NGO) or anyone who needed small help from us. We do what we can to help those who needs us or anyone we can help.

Sorry, We don't accept any Cash Donations from our members as we are not a Registered Charitable Organization. We are just a company where we donated partly of our Profits to help those in needs only. What we do, we always think of those who are more unfortunate than us. 

Below is our past Community Project .....  

P/S : We are Sorry to "Alienated" our Admins face as we wish to remain Low Profile. 

[ Charity Gift to Anak Anak Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Pendidikan Nur Murni ]

Date : 03rd October 2015

Special Thanks to The King's Curry for donating all the Daily needs to PKPNM.

Group photo of the PKPNM Pengerusi, Principals and Kids with the Kuching Food Critics Admins. (Sorry, We have to covered our Admin face as we wish to maintain low profile)

The List of donated Items from The Kings Curry to PKPNM.

[ Kuching Food Critics - Sando Ramen Community Project 2015 ]

Date : 16th August 2015

Sando Ramen bought RM400.00 of Pibakat Charity Fair Vouchers. Due to Sando Ramen Boss is outstation, so they asked us, The Kuching Food Critics Admins & Members to help them to accomplished the Mission by using it to buy Food & Daily Needs and then to donate it to the Poor & Needy one.

This is what we bought using RM400.00 Pibakat Charity Fair Vouchers.

Our Kuching Food Critics members is helping to arrange the food and things we bought.

40 Boxes of Packet Food that we bought.

Kuching Food Critics members helping to carry and sort the food and things out.

We are at Poh Kwong Park. Thanks to Kuching Urban Poor Society (SKUP) help, we can located this Poor and Needy person who is in need of Food and Daily needs.

Photo above is those Poor people who stayed in Poh Kwong Park area. Many of them are retired person, Very Poor, Sick or they need to spend lots of money to take care of the Sick Family members and etc.

We hope by this Small amount of Food and Daily needs which we donated to them, eventhough not much but at least can help them a bit.

Special Thanks to :

Society of Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP)
Kuching Food Critics Members

[ Feed the Poor with Kuching Urban Poor ]

(25/10/2014, 9.00am)  

Many Thanks to 

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP)

All Badge Holders

Participating Merchants

Volunteers who support & volunteer themselves to help us in this Badge Programme.

For everyone information, We are giving away 114 sets of Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal Set using the 1st Batch of our Badge Sales (Rm700.00) and the Great news is Kentucky Fried Chicken management is sponsoring another 136 sets which makes it in total of 250 sets. This food set will be distributed at 5 locations in Kuching as stated below.

Distribution of KFC meal sets is at ...

Song Kheng Hai : 28 sets.

Petanak : 22 sets.

Sg. Apong : 90 sets.

Poh Kwong Park : 20 sets.

Kpg Kudei : 90 sets.

This people who received this KFC Meal Set is from the Poor Family which has low income and they are registered with Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP) for their extreme hard living life. Many of them don't even have proper meal per day.

We, Kuching Food Critics Admins would like to Thanks everyone for your Great Supports, Efforts and Contribution towards our Badge Programme.


[ Visiting the Kuching Cheshire Home for Mooncakes Festival 2014 ]

06.09.2014 (Saturday) - This year Mooncakes Festival 2014, Kuching Food Critics visited Kuching Cheshire Home at Jalan Ong Tiang Swee. Thanks to our Kuching Food Critics Member, Miss Celina Chua for donating Mooncakes & Jelly to the people in Cheshire Home. You are truly Kind & Good Hearted ! May God Blessed you always. 

[ Kuching Food Critics - Sando Ramen Restaurant Community Project 2014 ] 
Today 17.08.2014, Sunday. We were asked by Mr. Brandon Ting of Sando Ramen Restaurant to help him to spend RM800.00 of Charity Pibakat Cash Voucher at Pibakat Charity Food Fair Kuching to buy Food or anything useful at the Pibakat Food Fair and then we will bring it to Salvation Army Kuching to donate it off to the kids there. RM800.00 is fully donated by Sando Ramen Restaurant for this project.

Pibakat Kuching Charity Food Fair.

Pibakat Kuching Charity Food Fair.

We have Pibakat Charity Food Fair Voucher worth RM800.00 sponsored by Sando Ramen Restaurant.

Among the Food sell in the Charity Fair.

Our Kuching Food Critics Volunteers - Mr & Mrs. Soh helping to spend the Cash Vouchers.

Nasi Briyani - RM7.00 per packet.

Sando Ramen Restaurant Bosses, Staffs & our Kuching Food Critics Volunteers.

Nasi Lemak @ RM4.00 each.

 Malay Stall sell Bihun Goreng, Ayam Masak Merah and etc.

Our Kuching Food Critics Volunteers helping to carry the Food.

This is the Food we spend using that RM800.00 Cash Vouchers.

We reached Salvation Army Home. Volunteers is helping to arrange the Food for the Salvation Army Kids.

Kuching Food Critics Volunteers is helping to arrange the Food for the Salvation Army Kids.

This is the Food we bought using the RM800 Charity Cash Vouchers.

This is the Food we bought using the RM800.00 Charity Cash Vouchers.

This is the Food We bought using the RM800.00 Charity Cash Vouchers.

Salvation Army Kids is very happy.

Group photos with Kuching Food Critics Volunteers and The Salvation Army Kids and Staffs.

Thanks to all Kuching Food Critics Volunteers who volunteered yourself to help us in this Community Project. 

God Blessed Sando Ramen Restaurant & The Crews for being Kind Hearted to help the Charity. 

[ Meeting The Society of Kuching Urban Poor ]

5th July 2014, 9.30am - Meeting with the Committee of The Society For Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP). Coming along with me is My Wife Aleena, Mr. Roger Ling (Manager of TheSpring Food Court) & Miss Joey, (Kentucky Fried Chicken Sarawak, Assistant Manager). According to Col. Fabian, SKUP Secretary, SKUP need Fund to help those Poor people & families in Kuching as they are packing more than 300 packets of Food daily. 

We, Kuching Food Critics will offer our sincere help to SKUP by donating partly of our Badge sales from our coming Kuching Food Critics Badge Programme 2014. Those members who wish to donate in terms of money, Please Visit their website at www.kuchingurbanpoor.org or contact them at 082-571518/573518. Those Food Operator who wish to donate in term of Food, Please PM or E-Mail us for more details. Thanks. 

[ Donation from the Admins & Members of Kuching Food Critics to SSPCA ] 

12th April 2014 - To those members who donated and wish to remain anonymous, You know who you are... We, Kuching Food Critics would like to THANKS those who had donated all the things needed by SSPCA. We appreciated it very much ! Things we donated to SSPCA for the Dogs and Cats is very meaningful and truly from our Heart.. Also in Kuching Food Critics, We always create AWARNESS by doing Publicity to our members by informing all this Poor Animals and Humans that we need to help them !

Lastly, Things donated is SENT by us, Ah Ong & Aleena NaNa on 12th April 2014, 11.05am at SSPCA Shelter. I'm sure now all this Dogs and Cats is enjoying all the Food you donated. On behalf of the Cats and Dogs, They would like to say "MEOW MEOW & WOOF WOOF".. Means THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU !!!

SPECIAL THANKS to PETS PARADISE (Sublot 71, Lot 9915, Block 16, KCLD, RH PLAZA, BDC) for SUPPORTING us in this Kuching Food Critics - SSPCA Charity Event by giving us SPECIAL DISCOUNT for all the Dog & Cat Food Items.. We appreciated it very much & God Bless you too ! 

Items donated by Admins and Members of Kuching Food Critics

Our Admin, Aleena Nana is signing the SSPCA Donated Item Book

Poor new born Puppy abandoned by their Mummy.

Poor Abandoned Kittens

Poor Puppy.. So sad to see the watery eyes.

On 8.02.2014 (Saturday), We have paid another visit to the family again after we have gathered all the Donated Items from our Kuching Food Critics members. Millions of Thanks to those who are Kind Hearted who donated all this Items in term of New & Used Clothes, Cash Money, School Uniforms, Shoes & Slippers, Baby Diapers, School Bags and etc.. THANKS to everyone who participated in this Community Project !!

All the Donated Items from Kuching Food Critics members.
Admins & Members of Kuching Food Critics is sorting out the Donated Item.
Yeahhh... We got Extra money so we decided to buy Sugarbun for the Family to eat.
We reach the Matang Accident Victim House.. Everyone help to carry the Donated items.
Precious Moments.. Give away all the Donated Items to the family members.
Preciousss Moments... Giving away the donated items to the family members.
Preciousss Moments... Giving away the donated items to the family members.
On 26.01.2014 (Saturday), We have paid a visit to the family who were victims of the hit and run accident in Matang. They have politely declined monetary assistance which we know a good many of you are more than willing to pledge. However, there are still other meaningful ways in which we can still assist. We are compiling a list of things (mainly for the children) which the family feels would be helpful. Hence, should you wish to contribute, please be on a lookout for a list of item(s) that we will be posting up soon. NO monetary contribution(s) will be accepted please. Instead, please pledge what are the item(s) on the wish list you may wish to contribute, purchase the item(s) and pass them on to us on date(s) that we will arrange. 

Our Kuching Food Critics Admins is explaining to the Victim Brother the purpose of Why we came.

The Victim house.

Our Kuching Food Critics Admins & our Community Project Committee is discussing with the Victim Brothers on how to help the victim.

On 22/12/2013, 2.30pm - Kuching Food Critics with a group of Active members who worked together in organizing and sponsoring in term of Cash Money to buy Gifts for this Paediatric Ward patients @ Sarawak General Hospital. Glad that when we are there, Some of the Kids are Happy to see us. But its sadly to see some of the kids are very pity till our tears dropped. We hope that members in Kuching Food Critics can at least give them some Joys during this Christmas Day.
Santa Claus (Ah Ong) with group of Active Kuching Food Critics members who work hard together to organized and sponsored to the success of this events.

Everyone getting ready to distribute Christmas Gifts to the Paediatric Ward Patients.

Active members of Kuching Food Critics who joined and fully supported our Community Project.

The Gifts sponsored by the members.

Kuching Food Critics members working together to pack all the Christmas Gifts.