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Our Website has 1,366,274+ Viewers (As at 18/07/2019) since our Website was created in the year of 2013. We have Daily View of at least 800+ Page Viewers and even more.... 
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Daily Pageviews Statistics. Average 1000-1500 pageviews per day.

We have 3 Ways/Packages on how to promote your Business.

Why are we charging for Advertisement Fees ?

As you all know, Maintaining and Updating our Website and Group in Facebook needs us to pay..
1. Monthly Internet Streamyx & Mobile Data Bills.
2. Electricity Bills for our Laptop & Computer.
3. Our Efforts, Hardwork & Time to Update and Maintain the Website & Group/Page in Facebook.
4. To pay for our Yearly Website Domain rental.
5. Our Car Fuel and others car maintenance expenses to meet our Clients & for Food Hunting.
6. Stationary Expenses such as papers, Ink Printer, our Computer maintenance, Pen and etc.

Besides that, We will also help you to see and give you a FREE Consultation on what thing you should improve in your F&B Business.

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