The LOVE Programme 2015

Kuching Food Critics
We Love, We Care, We Celebrate & Eat Together !

Who can join us ?
1. Everyone can join us as long you are the member of Kuching Food Critics. You can be our Sponsors, Donators, Participating Food Operators, Volunteer members and etc to help in our Programme. 
2. As long you are Friendly, Cheerful, Having Teamwork Spirit and willing to commit yourself to help the Charity and those who in need, We need people like you !!


Kuching Food Critics Christmas Charity Present Giving Ceremony

19th December 2015 (Saturday), 3.00pm.

Location : Sarawak General Hospital, Kids Ward.

Approval Letter from Sarawak General Hospital for organizing such Charity event.

All together, Sarawak General Hospital has total of 7 Kids Ward which estimated of 170 Kids. So, We need to prepare 170 Presents for this Special Kids.

We bought 170 Bags of this and gave to the Kids.

All bags is printed with our Special Kuching Food Critics Logo. 

Inside of the Bag is include with Lots of Goodies such as Stationary, Cookies, Snacks, Milo, Toys, Tupperware Tumbler and etc.

Kuching Food Critics Members voluntary themselves to participate in our Charity Event and work together to carry these Bags into the Car.

Arrive at Sarawak General Hospital with 170 Bags for 170 Kids (7 Wards)

Group photos of all Kuching Food Critics Members.

See this Kid. So cute with our Kuching Food Critics School Bags. He likes it so much till carry it everywhere he go.


1. Mr. Kok (RM1,000.00)
2. Mr. Annonymous (RM3,250.00)
3. Mr. Gilbert Lu of Osome Pizza (RM166.00)
4. Mr. Nicholas Lee & Friends (RM200.00)
5. Mr & Mrs Shereen Yeo (RM200.00)
6. Mr. Steve Law (RM100.00)
7. Mr. Johnson & Teresa (RM360.00)
8. Mr. Kuifan Fankia (RM100.00)
9. Madam Clara Wee of Nyonya The Spring Food Court (RM500.00)
10. Mr. Taten (RM100.00)
11. Encik Ali & Puan Lily (RM200.00)
12. Mr. Leong (RM50.00)
13. Mr. San Chai (RM50.00)
14. Mr. Hock Sister (RM200.00)
15. Mr. Hock (RM100.00)
16. Mr. Collin (RM100.00)
17. Mr & Mrs. Vincent Chai (RM200.00)
18. Mr.Dylan & Winnie (RM200.00)
19. Mr. Chong Yin Loong (RM100.00)
20. Mr. Alex Choo (RM100.00)
21. Miss. Adeline of Twinklepan (RM100.00)
22. Dr. Pok Khoon Dentist (RM100.00)
23. Mr. Chee (RM100.00)
24. Mr. Lim Boon Yaw (RM100.00)
25. Miss. Rita Ling (RM200.00)
26. Miss. Stephania Tan (RM200.00)
27. Mr. Wayne Tan (RM300.00)
28. Miss. Joanne Low (RM200.00)
29. Brazzo Green House Restaurant (RM1,000.00)
30. Mr & Mrs. Jason Lim Sheng Hong (RM100.00)
31. Miss. Belinda Wee (RM100.00)
32. R.G Ais Krim Bergula Apong (RM300.00)
33. Ah Boy Towing (RM100.00)
34. Miss. Annonymous (RM200.00)
35. Mr. Peter Kong (RM300.00)
36. Miss. Laxshmi (RM50.00)
37. Mr. Daryl Lim (RM150.00)
38. Mr. Phor Sow Cheng (RM100.00)
39. Mr. Chang Cia Fia Friends & Family (RM220.00)
40. Miss. Cecilia Yeo (RM50.00)
41. Miss. Alice Nai (RM50.00)
42. Miss. Adeline Lau (RM500.00)
43. Mr. Ah Siong (RM100.00)
44. Mr. G (RM75.00)
45. Miss. Kiki & Friends (RM150.00)
46. Mr. Ben Choy (RM50.00)
47. Miss. Juey Fang (RM200.00)         

48. Miss Honey Maggie (170 Chocolate Muffin Cakes)
49. Mr. Alvin Foo (200 Packets of Chocolate & Butter Cookies)
50. Mr. Chien (170 Soft Toys)


Majlis Makan Malam bersama Anak Anak Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Pendidikan Nur Murni

26TH September 2015 (Saturday), 6.30pm.

Location : The Banquet Restaurant, Kuching.

[ Our Sponsors & Participating Food Outlets ]

1. The Banquet Restaurant (Main Sponsor for the Event)
2. Perfect Toys Co. from Kuala Lumpur (Sponsored Toys for the Kids)

3. Cik. J (Bus Rental of RM250.00 & RM50.00 for Goodies Bags)
4. Cik Yuwana (RM200.00 for Goodies Bag)
5. Cik Cecilia (RM50.00 for Goodies Bag)
6. Encik Taten (RM100.00 for Goodies Bag)

 1ST PROGRAMME - The Green Ribbon Association (Home of Love)

8th February 2015 (Sunday), 12.00pm.

[ Our Sponsors & Participating Food Outlets ]

1. Open Air Market Gula Apong Ice Cream(Donated RM300.00 cash)
2. Twinklepan (Donated RM150.00 cash & 23 Angpow Packets worth RM20.00 each)
3. Ah Yi Soup Master (Donated RM300.00 cash)
4. Osome Fired Wood Pizza (Donated Food Items)
5. Annie Kolo Mee (Donated RM150.00 cash)
6. Mr. Albert Hii of After 7 (Donated Dettol Products)

7. Mongolian Master Steamboat  (Donated Buffet Food)

[ Kuching Food Critics Volunteers Names List ]

1. Miss. Kelly Kho 
2. Mr. Kuifan Fankia 
3. Miss. Celes Ng
4. Mr. Sean S'k
5. Miss. Bong FT.
6. Mr. Soh Win Win
7. Miss. Lotus Be

This is The Green Ribbon (House of Love) at Jalan Emerald.

Our Kuching Food Critics member, Mr. Soh Win Win helping to arrange to donated Items.

Group photo shooting with The People & Staffs of The Green Ribbon, Food Operators, Sponsors and Members of Kuching Food Critics.

Donated Food Items and others. WOW!! There's a lot !! Thanks to all Sponsors and Donators.

Donated Food Items & Others. Thanks to all Sponsors and Donators.

Makan Time. Food Buffet sponsored by Mongolian Master Steamboat @ Jalan Foochow No.2

Angpow Origami Activities with the Green Ribbon Old Folks. Fold and Create their own CNY Decoration designs.

Angpow Presentation by Twinklepan Management to all Old Folks & Staffs of The Green Ribbon. Thanks to your kindness.

Angpow Presentation by Twinklepan Management to all Old Folks & Staffs of The Green Ribbon. Thanks to your kindness.

Anyone remember her ? She's Mary. She always wondering around Plaza Merdeka & Central Police Station and now she's under the care of The Green Ribbon.

Mr. Law (Management Committee Chairman of Home of Love) is writting the Official Receipt for the Donated Items, Money and etc.

 Donated Items Official Receipt from The Green Ribbon.

Cash Money donated by Food Operators amounting RM900.00 present to the Representative of The Green Ribbon and Witnessed by Mr. Law (Management Committee Chairman of Home Of Love). Money is donated by Open Air Market Gula Apong Ice Cream (RM300.00), Ah Yi Soup Master at C121 (RM300.00), Annie Kolo Mee (RM150.00) & Twinklepan (RM150.00)

Official Receipt of Donated Money amounting RM900.00 to The Green Ribbon. 

Letter of Appreciation from The Green Ribbon to Kuching Food Critics, Sponsors, Food Operators and all Members who are involved in our Programme.