The Badge Programme 2014


* Programme Launched on 15th July 2014 (Tuesday)
* Promo Started from 1st August 2014 till 1st August 2015.



We will be selling our Badge : - 

*1 - Walk In to buy  
(No Choose serial number. Follow running number) 
1 Badge is Rm10.00. 
(We promised Rm2.00 will go to our Community Project)

*2 - Walk In to buy  
(Choose your Favourite number)
1 Badge is Rm20.00. 
(We promised Rm10.00 will go to our Community Project)

Confirmed Community Projects as listed below: 

1. The Social Welfare @ Jalan Ong Tiang Swee
2. The Blind Centre @ Jalan Ong Tiang Swee
3. Save Our Strays (S.O.S)
4. Kuching Urban Poor
5. And many more.... The more we collect, the more we can buy them nice Food to eat and enjoy !!


 Donation to Save Our Strays (S.O.S)

Donation to Sarawak Society For The Blind

Donation to Social Welfare Council Of Sarawak.

2nd Batch Donation to Save Our Strays (S.O.S)


Spent RM700.00 buying Kentucky Fried Chicken Set Meal for the Poor.

Donation to Sarawak Children's Cancer Society.

 Donation to The Green Ribbon Association Kuching. 

Oh yah, you not only spend Rm10.00-Rm20.00 just like that.. You will have the Special Benefits to enjoy our Special Discounts & Promo from our 30+ Food Outlets & Others participating merchants !! Show your Badge (like The Sheriff) to enjoy the Promo ! No Badge, No Special Benefits.

We will only Authorize 2 Outlets to sell this Badge. Do not go to other unauthorized seller. 

2 Food Outlets only with this Notice is our Authorized Badge Seller.

1. Wakakakaka Cafe @ Brighton Square, Jalan Song. 
(Operating Hours is from 6.00pm to 12.00pm)
(Badges still available)

2. Lovey Dovey Cupcakes @ Plaza Merdeka.
Operating Hours is from 10.00am to 10.00pm
(Badges out of stock)

We NEVER appointed any Sales Representatives who try to sell our Badges other than our 2 Authorized Badge Seller Outlets as shown above. Please do not get cheated or Scam.

Those who purchase our Badge, you need to fill up a simple form for our own record. Why ? Cos when we use your Donation money for our Community/Charity Project, We will list out all the names of the members who purchased this badge and to show to the representative in Social Welfare, Blind Centre and any Charity Organization that all Food donations are from members of Kuching Food Critics. It's from all the list name of the badge purchaser. We, Kuching Food Critics is just a platform to organize Food activities/events.


Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
Location : All KFC Restaurants in Sarawak except Lawas.
Promo : Show your Badge and enjoy 5% Discount for all menu except Lunch & Dinner Treats, Value Treats and Tuesday Treats offers. 
(No Minimum Purchase required)


All participating merchants will have this sticker stick at their shop.

1. OISHI Japanese Restaurant
         Location : Lot 3081, Rock Road, Kuching Land District, Kuching.
      Contact No. : 016-7132991
      Promo : 10% Discount on total bill for all Badge Holder.

2. Lovey Dovey Cupcakes
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
Location : Lower Ground 32, Plaza Merdeka Mall, Kuching.
      Contact No. : 016-8937272
      Promo : 10% off for individually packed box of 1 cupcake

     3. Mazazu Crepe (Business Closed)
     Location : Lower Ground 73, Plaza Merdeka Mall, Kuching.
     Contact No. : 012-8834444
     Promo : (1) 6% Discount for Ice Cream Crepe only. 
(Not applicable for Delicatessen Crepe)
(2) Free 1 topping for Delicatessen Crepe. 

4. Wakakakaka Cafe
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
     Location : Sublot 18, Ground Floor, Lot 7691, Block 16, 
                            Kuching Central Land, Off Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching.
     Contact No. : 014-6962049
     Promo : 1 Badge 1 "Mini Poo-Poo" Ice Cream upon Dine-In. Also will have other surprise freebies if The Laughing Boss is around .... YEAHHH !!

5. Twinkle Pan
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
  Location : CityOne Mall, Airport Mall, Summer Mall, Everise Mall.
      Contact No. : 019-8899173
      Promo : 5% Discount when you spend above RM10.00 in a single receipt.

6. Ah Yi Soup Master
(Non Halal)
     Location : C121 Kopitiam, Jalan Stutong, Kuching 
( Same Block with Public Bank )
     Contact No. : 019-8262252
     Promo : 10% Discount on all items.

7. Sando Ramen Restaurant
(Non Halal)
Location : G14-15, ST3 Mall, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93350 Kuching.
     Contact No. : 010-5669759
Business Hour : 11.30am till 9.00pm Daily (Tuesday Off)
     Promo : (1) Click "LIKE" Sando Ramen Official Facebook Group, Check-In with them and get 10% Discount on menu item.
(2) Birthday Deals (Free Complimentary Gyoza Dish - 6pcs) for Birthday on the month. Show your IC as proof, Minimum bill order at least RM80.00 and above.

8. TAKA Cake House
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
      Location : Sublot 2 & 3, Ground Floor, Eastmoore Centre, 2 1/2 Miles, Rock Road, Kuching.
      Contact No. : 017-8083636
      Promo : 10% Discount on All Types of Birthday Cake. 
(Only applicable at Eastmoore Outlet only)

9. Annie Kolo Mee
(Non Halal)
     Location : Fook Seng Cafe, No. 236, Padungan Road, Kuching.
     Contact No. : 012-8931282
     Promo : For Normal Badge (Black), promotion on every Monday only
(Spend RM10 & above, get 10% discount)
For VIP Badge (Red), promotion is everyday (effective on 1 September 2014)
(Spend RM10 & above, get 10% discount)

10. Master Mi
Location : G18, CityOne Mall, Kuching.
     Contact No. : 016-7922410 (Jackie) / 016-8435903 (Brandon)
     Promo : Click "LIKE" Master Mi Officlal Facebook Group, Check-In with them and get 10% Discount of the Drink or 10% Discount of the Rice Crackers.
(Not applicable for other promotional items)

11. Loi Moi Kolo Mee (Business Closed)
(Non Halal)
     Location : Food Junction Kopitiam, beside Wisma Saberkas,
         Opposite St Paul School.
     Contact No. : 016-8991006
     Promo : 10% Discount on total bill.

12. Open Air Market Ice Cream
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
     Location : Open Air Market, Jalan Power, Kuching.
     Contact No. : 016-8910001
     Promo : - Happy Hour Promo, Buy 1 Medium Cup Ice Cream and get 1 Free Small Cup Ice Cream.
- Applicable everyday except Wednesday.
- Applicable from 3.00pm till 9.00pm only.
- Badge Holder will also enjoyed Free Toppings.

13. Osome Wood Fired Pizza
(Non Halal)
     Location : Ground Floor, Sublot 5, Lot 522, Jalan Datuk Tawi SLI, Kuching.
     Contact No. : 016-7739900
     Promo : (1) 10% Discount for Hi-Sweety & 4 Elements Pizza.
        (2) 10% Discount for Signature Italian Coffee.
The above promo is NOT valid with other promotion.
Applicable for Dine-In only.

14. Sambal Lok Lok
Location : Full 3 Food Court (Next to GIANT Stutong)
     Contact No. : 016-8898036
     Promo : Spend RM10.00 and Get 1 stick of Lok Lok for FREE.
     (For Dine In only)

15. Earthlings Coffee Workshop
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
     Location : CityOne Mall, Kuching.
     Contact No. : 016-8740127
     Promo : 5% Off for all Drinks.

16. Fried Durian King
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
     Location : Premier 101 Food Stalls, Kuching. (Beside AmBank)
     Contact No. : 016-8585432
     Promo : Get Fried Durian at RM3.00 per piece.
         (Original Price is RM3.50 per piece)

17. Tarts & Juice Island
  Location : M32, M Floor, ST3 Shopping Mall, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Kuching.
      Contact No. : 013-8165973 (Bryan) / 019-8198129 (Yven Teo)
      Promo : Discount of 5% off on total bill. 
(Minimum Spending RM30.00)

18. Gim's Burger
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
     Location : Stutong (opposite Lodge School)
     Contact No. : 016-8884914
     Promo : Discount 5% Off on total bill.

19. Howdy Grillhouse
(Non Halal)
     Location : Brighton Square, Jalan Song. (Beside ZOTEL Hotel)
     Contact No. : 010-9784922
     Promo : Discount 10% Off on total bill.

20. My Little Kitchen (Sweedish  Food)
Location :  56, Upper China Street (After Aladin Cafe turn right)
     Contact No. : 016-8586669 / 016-8082233
     Promo :   * Monday (Available after 6pm)
                                - 10% Discount on oven roasted chicken thigh meal.
                (With rice or mashed potato)
                             * Thursday - 10% Discount on Swedish Wrap (Tunnbrodsrulle) 

21. Gong Cha
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
Location : B-56-57, Lower Ground Floor, Plaza Merdeka Shopping Center, 88 Pearl Street, 93000 Kuching.
     Contact No. : 014-6795399
     Promo : 10% Discount on total bill.
                             (No member point and Not valid with any promotional items, Offers and Vouchers)   

22. Uncle Ben's Delicious Laksa
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
Location : Fu Siang Lai Cafe, Ground Floor, Lot 16796-16797,
               Block 11, MTLD, Jalan Canna, 93250 Kuching.
      Contact No. : 016-8868292
      Promo : Order Sea Clam Laksa Special at RM8.00 only.
   (Original Price is RM9.00)

23. SEOUL Garden Restaurant
     Location : Lot 2818, Block 10, Central Park Commercial 
Centre, 3rd Mile, Jalan Tunku Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Kuching.
     Contact No. : 013-8009447
     Promo : # Lunch - Discount of 10% on total bill.
# Dinner - Discount of 5% on total bill.

24. Verynice Restaurant 
     Location : Satok & Rubber Road Branch.
      Contact No.  : 016-3338636
     Promo : 5% Discount on total bill.

25. HongKong Causeway Bay 
     Location : Brighton Square, Jalan Song (Beside Zotel Hotel)
      Contact No. : 013-8368666
     Promo : *Coming Soon*

26. Mongolian Master Steamboat
     Location : Lot 6515-6517, Ground Floor, Section 64, Jalan Sekama, Lorong Foochow No.2, Kuching.
     Contact No. : 013-5669099
     Promo : Discount 10% in one Single Receipt. Drinks Included.

27. Backerei Corner
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
     Location : Ground Floor, No.2, Lot 5429, Block G, RH Plaza,
        Jalan Lapangan Terbang Baru, 93350 Kuching.
     Contact No. : 082-579092
     Promo : Discount 5% on total bill.

28. BBQ Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant (Kubah Ria Outlet)
     Location : Lot 13377, Section 65, KTLD River Edge Commercial Centre, Jalan Merdeka, Kuching.
     Contact No. : 016-8568365
     Promo : Discount 15% on total bill. Dine-In only. Terms & Conditions applied. Not applicable for any promotional item or set meal.

29. Nam Nam Cafe (Vietnamese Cuisine)
Location : Ground Floor, 53-A, Lot 16709, Block 11, Tabuan Heights Commercial Centre, Lorong Song 4, Off Jalan Song, 93250 Kuching.
Contact No. : 012-2177112
Promo : (1) 5% Discount on total bill.
(2) 10% Discount on total bill on phobulous Thursday.
(Applicable for Dine-In only. Not Valid on others Combo/Promotional Items)

30. Specialized Cafe (Riders Pitstop)
(Serve No Pork No Lard)
Location : At Tabuan Jaya, Bayor Bukit. Same Block with Bintawa Kueh Chap.
Contact No. : 016-8460285
Promo : *Coming Soon*

31. Serapi Corner
Location : Lot 538, Block 36, Sublot 29, MTLD Batu 9, Jalan Penrissen, 
93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
Contact No. : 016-8460285
Promo : *Coming Soon* 

32. After Seven Delight Cafe (New Management)
(Serve No Pork No Lard) 
Location : No. 366-366A, Lot 1413-1414, Block 46, KCLD, Kota Sentosa, Batu 7, Jalan Penrissen, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
Contact : 082-616414
Promo : Discount of 10% off from Total Bill 
(Exclude the in-house promotion items
(Applicable for Dine-In only)


1. Ultimate PC Dynamic
Location : Ground Floor, Sublot 69, Phase 25, Jalan Datuk Mohd Musa, Desa Ilmu, 94300 Kota Samarahan.
Contact No. : 016-8505915 / 016-8788753 / 082-663105
Promo : Discount of 10% for Computer items.
(Terms & Conditions applied)

2. World Optical - Saberkas Branch
Location : Jalan Green, Kuching. (Opposite St Paul School)
Contact No. : 016-8077400
Promo : Discount of 50% for Spectacles Frame. 

3. SHINE Pharmacy
Location : Sublot 22, Ground Floor, Song Plaza, Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350 Kuching.
Contact No. : 082-461553
Promo : 1) HEALTH BOOSTER! – Up to 40% discount on selected supplements 2) GUT CLEANSER! – Up to 15% discount on selected Fiber / Detox products 
3) GAS TERMINATOR! – Up to 10% discount on antacid products such as Eno, Gaviscon, Alucid etc.
4) SHiNE FOR LIFE – Get a FREE SHiNE Pharmacy Member Card when you buy over RM50 on a single receipt
5) FREE BODY ANALYSIS – On your first SHiNE Pharmacy visit, we will do a body analysis for you, for FREE!

4. Purr Pets Sdn. Bhd.
Location : Ground Floor, No.43, Lot 16808, Block 11, Tabuan Tranquility Commercial Centre, Off Jalan Canna, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak. 
(Somewhere near Giant Stutong, New shop lots, before Shell Station)
Contact : 014-6880825 (Diana Ting)
Promo : 5% Discount on Products except service (Grooming)
Applicable to all items except Promotional items.

5. Natural Beauty Company
Location : 1st Floor, Lot 17, RH Plaza, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Baru, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak. 
(Staircase between Bombay Masala & Tropicana Bike, Opposite Four Points Hotel)
Contact : 016-8868296 (Linda Ng)
Promo : 1st Trial - 50% Discount Off for treatment.
2nd Trial - 15% Discount Off for treatment.
(Applicable for Female Badge Holder Only) 

Please refer to our Website from time to time for Badge Promo & Benefits updates. Participating Outlets may Change their Promo from time to time to give Special Promo for all the Badge Holders.
Thank you for your time to read and understand about our Badge Programme.

Limited Badges