Friday, 13 December 2019

Tea Can Thin @ Galacity Kuching

Tea Can Thin

Location :
S12, Ground Floor, Plot 24, 
Galacity Kuching,
93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
( Same row with Gingerbread House / Hi-Bread

Operating Days & Hours :
Open everyday from 10.00am till 11.45pm.

Contact Number & Email Address :
019 - 897 2727 / 

Their Facebook Page : 


Front view of Tea Can Thin.

Google Map Location of Tea Can Thin.

 Inside view of Tea Can Thin.

Fresh Fruits for their Menu.

[ Menu 1 ]

 Fuzhou Noodles (Wet) @ RM8.00
The sauce is a Special Combo of Tomato & Cantonese. We liked the taste and wok-fire smell on the noodles ! Recommended by Ah Ong. 

[ Menu 2 ]

 Thai Mango Chicken Chop @ RM16.90
This is our favourite too. We love the Thai Sauce, its not too spicy. The Chicken Chop is crispy and juicy. Recommended by Ah Ong.

[ Menu 3 ]

 Orleans Chicken Burger @ RM11.90
Don't judge the burger size. We feel very full as they are generous with the Chicken Meat.  

[ Menu 4 ]

 Korean Ramen @ RM8.00
It's Hot & Spicy. That's it i can say !

[ Menu 5 ]

 Indigenous Noodles (Dry) @ RM8.00
This one is a bit common like Indomie & the price is a bit high. We did tell the Boss about this and YES they said they will improve on this menu. 

[ Menu 6 ]

 Orleans Chicken @ RM39.90
YESSSS... It's Juicy, Delicious & Finger licking good. Don't worry, they will provide disposable hand gloves for you. Recommended by Ah Ong.

[ Menu 7 ]

 Crispy Chicken @ RM39.90
We loved the crunchy skin & suprisingly the breast meat is tender and juicy too ! We do feedback on the crispy skin being a bit bland but who knows others might love it ? 

[ Menu 8 ]

Fruit Ice Steamboat @ RM35.90
 Very Cool presentation on mixed fresh fruits. 6 kinds of fruits served on top of shave ice & drizzle with fresh milk, strawberries is one of it, expensive you know ? ( Apples, Dragonfruits, Kiwis, Honey Melon & Strawberries ). The Milk is a bit sweet. 

CLICK this video to see how cool is the presentation !

[ Drinks 1 ]

 Peach Blossoms @ RM7.90
Refreshing Peach Blossom Tea with dried rose petals. Very Fragrant too. Recommended by Ah Ong. 

[ Drinks 2 ]

 King Of Flame @ RM9.90
This consist of Grass Jelly, Black Pearl, Golden Pearl, Red Beans, Barley & Raisins... Very filing ! See the photos below. 

[ Drinks 3 ]

 Brown Sugar Cheese Pearl Coffee Red Milk Tea @ RM11.90
First, you must sip the cheese on top then try the Coffee Milk Tea. The taste changes once you give it a stir. Interesting ! 

[ Drinks 4 ]

 Black Gold Mama @ RM9.90
The Pearl Milk Tea with Black Pearl & Golden Pearl. Famous Drinks where many of their customers ordered it ! 

[ Drinks 5 ]

 Fresh Avocado Juice @ RM13.90
Fresh Avocado juice with nice milky smell. Suitable for those who don't really fancy avocado smell. No Sugar added. 

[ Drinks 6 ]

Yogurt Frappuccino @ RM15.90
 Peach & Mango smoothies. Can taste the real fruits bits.

[ Drinks 7 ]

Yogurt Mix Fruit @ RM18.90
Yogurt based healthy snack with crunchy muesli cereals, fresh strawberries & mango fruit with oreo. For those with sweet-toothed, this is your thing ! Hahahaha. 

[ Drinks 8 ]

Warm Heart Brown Rice Oat Milk Tea @ RM11.90
This is a Yummy Hot Drink, Great on rainy days or when you don't have appetite. It contains all the goodness of 5 grains mainly Brown rice, Oats, Cereals, Barley, Dried Fruits, Pumpkin seeds, good to fill your tummy.