Monday, 9 December 2019

Breakfast & Dinner @ Tanju Cafe & Bistro, The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching

Breakfast & Dinner

Location :
Tanju Cafe & Bistro
The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching
Lot 285, Off Jalan Sultan Tengah, Block 2,
Salak Land District, 
93050 Kuching, Sarawak.

Contact :
019 - 889 9925

Their Facebook Page / Website / E-mail Address :


View 1 of The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching.

View 2 of The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching.

Front Counter of The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching.

Suite Room.

Suite Room come with 1 King Bed.

Suite Room with connecting Toilet & Bath Tub.

Breakfast at Tanju Cafe & Bistro @ The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching.
( Their Breakfast is available from 7.00am till 10.00am )

Porridge with Condiments.

Mix Vegetables & Butter Chicken.

Hash Brown & Baked Beans.

Sausages & Scramble Eggs.

White & Wholemeal Bread with 3 types of spreads.
Toast your own bread !

3 types of Cereal and Cold Fresh Milk.

Fried Bee Hoon.

Orange Cordial Drinks, Coffee and Tea.

Fruit Platter.

The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching Lobby.

Common Washrooms.

Inside view of the washroom.

Suite Rooms.

View 3 of The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching.

Path to the Beach and Adult Pool.

Dinner also available at Tanju Cafe & Bistro, The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching.
( All Day Dining is available from 11.00am till 9.00pm )

[ Menu 1 ]
Hawaiian Pizza (Thin Crust) @ RM26.00
Turkey Ham, Pineapple, Mozzarella Cheese & Tomato Puree.

[ Menu 2 ]
Grilled Chicken Chop @ RM24.00
You can never go wrong with Chicken Chop. Their succulent deboned chicken thigh itself with garden salad and wedges with black pepper sauce. 

[ Menu 3 ]
Seafood Platter @ RM68.00
A celebration of wonderful seafood in one dish - Giant Fresh Water Prawns, Mussel, hand battered Seabass fillets and Calamari rings served with tartar sauce.

[ Menu 4 ]
Spaghetti Carbonara @ RM28.00
Craving for some Italian pasta dish? Try their very own classic pasta cooked in a creamy sauce with Ham, Mushrooms and Parmesan Cheese.

[ Menu 5 ]
Nyonya Curry Chicken @ RM18.00
An aromatic flavour of curry that combines all three Chinese, Malay and Indonesian cuisines which creates a unique and flavoursome blend.

[ Menu 6 ]
Veggie Roll (Vegetarian) @ RM15.00
Deep fried mixed vege wrapped in Popiah skin.

[ Menu 7 ]
Mushroom Soup @ RM15.00 per serving.
Full of hearty earthy healthy mushroom all in one bowl. Taste good but hoping it to be a bit creamier & thicker.

Shirley Temple (Mocktail) @ RM12.00
Traditionally made with Ginger Ale and a splash of Grenadine. 

View 4 of The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching.

View 5 of The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching.

View 6 of The Culvert Hotel Resort Kuching.

Kids Pool.

Adults Pool.

Tanju's Drinks Bar.

Swing bed are great for relaxation in the warm afternoon but too bad its was wet after a light drizzle at the time we checked-in.

Sauna Facility.
Tiny cute Sauna Room which can house 2 person at 1 time.

Massage Facility.

Overall Personal Comments :

(1) The staffs were friendly & professional in handling customers requests & complaints.
(2) Great experience with a nice place for relaxing and to date with your loved one.
(3) The room was quite small, only can accommodate 2-3 adults or a small family if you don't mind to squeeze a bit but overall very cozy & comfortable bed with a tablet for light entertainment.
  (4) When we reached Kuching, we noticed one of our handphone were missing. We informed the Management about it and they managed to find it in our room. Thank you for your fast response and action. Good job.

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