Thursday, 24 October 2019

Fruktbar | Juice & Fruits @ Saradise Kuching

Fruktbar | Juice & Fruits 
Fruktbar is a funky juice & fruit bar fusion. Tailored for healthy living for all age group. They features fresh cold pressed juice, detox juice & smoothies with no-sugar or any addictive added. They also features the freshest fruits for different season.

Location :
Level 1, Lot 41, Block D1,
Saradise Kuching, 
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.

Operating Days & Hours :
Open everyday from 10.00am till 12.00midnight. 

Contact Number :
082 - 546 229


Front view of Fruktbar.

Front view of Fruktbar.

Counter view of Fruktbar.

Order & see how they make your juice LIVE ! No sugar, water or any addictive added.

The juices we ordered.

This is Smoothies Series (500ml).

Dragon's Food @ RM15.90 (500ml)

Pineapple Punch @ RM15.90 (500ml)

Papaya Milk @ RM14.90 (500ml)

This is Cold Pressed Juice (1st Cup from Left) & Detox Clinic (2nd & 3rd Cup from Left).

Fruktbar's AMG @ RM10.90 (360ml)
This is Cold Pressed Juice.

The Hulk @ RM10.90 (360ml)
This is Detox Clinic Juice.

Blood Orange @ RM10.90 (360ml)
This is Detox Clinic Juice.

You want to give the best to your children ? Not eating enough fruits or vege ? Fruktbar also offers fun way for kids to have real fruit and vege.

Kids Portion Pack for kids ! Specially for kids who is not getting enough fruits and vege.

Fruktbar also sell Fresh Fruits like Apples, Oranges, Pineapples and etc.

SIGN UP NOW ! For their membership to enjoy more Benefits !

FREE Fruktbar Special Limited Merchandised Bottle when you RELOAD RM100.00. 

BRING & USE this Merchandised Bottle and get Special Discount of RM1.00 when you purchase your Favourite Juice Drink at Fruktbar.  

Fresh Cut Fruits also available at Fruktbar.

Black Label @ RM7.00
Brown Label @ RM5.00