Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My Little Kitchen @ Batik Boutique Hotel, Jalan Padungan.

My Little Kitchen

Location :
Batik Boutique Hotel
No. 38, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
( Opposite Tun Jugah Building )

Contact Number :
016 - 858 6669

Operating Hours :
Opens everyday from 12.00 Noon till 10.30 pm.


Remember in 2014, I ever posted about a little hidden shop at Bishopgate managed by a husband & wife team doing Sweddish / Finnish food, their juicy slow roasted Chicken Thigh, Sweddish wrap and delicious meatballs ?

Front view of Batik Boutique Hotel.

It has been quite sometime, they moved and finally landed at Batik Boutique Hotel which located at Jalan Padungan.

Front view of My Little Kitchen.

It was like meeting a long lost friend... I was delighted, that i can finally taste their delicious Meatballs again and also to try other new food which they added to their menu.  

Inside view of My Little Kitchen.

Inside view of My Little Kitchen.

Finnish Soup - Only available on Wednesday. A hearty Soup which is yummy and filing, consist of beef broth, potatoes, carrots, onion, mince beef and all spice from Jamaica.

Their Meatballs recipe was at least 150 years old passed down from the family to Tommi (The Man behind the Kitchen) and assisted by his lovely wife, Brenda. Of course the menu had been thru a slight change but still maintain the good of its flavours.

The Meatballs - Marvellous tasting meatballs with gravy made from xxxx, butter and milk.

Must order with Pan seared potatoes ! You will understand and thank me later ! No Joke !

Drunken Sweddish Wrap - It's like a Hot Dog Bun but instead of a bun, it's wrapped with Tortila and surrounded by fluffy mash potatoes.

Last but not least a special dessert created by Tommi. It's not a cake, not a brownie. Tommi just named it a "Square". Ok...since that is the shape. Don't be fooled by the simple look. Once you dig in .. you can't stop. 

It's served with a scoop of Coconut Ice Cream. Advise from Tommi is you have to take a little bit of the ice cream then a little bit of the cake ... Trust me ! You will definitely love it ! This dessert has won my heart ! 

Ohh ! I forgot to talk about the drinks. You need to order from the Hotel Bar as My Little Kitchen doesn't serve drinks due to space limitation. So expect hotel price drinks yeah ~

Back view of Batik Boutique Hotel (Photo 1/3)

Back view of Batik Boutique Hotel (Photo 2/3)

Back view of Batik Boutique Hotel (Photo 3/3)

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Cha Cha Moon Restaurant @ Roxy Hotel Jalan Batu Kawah

Cha Cha Moon Restaurant

Location :
Located inside Roxy Hotel & Apartment (7th Floor). Jalan Batu Kawah, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak. (Beside Sunny Hill Ice Cream)

Contact : 
082 - 241 414

Operationg Days / Hours :
Open everyday from ....
6.30am till 9.30am
11.30am till 2.30pm
6.00pm till 10.00pm

Cha Cha Moon Restaurant is a Pork Free Restaurant 
(In the midst of applying for Halal Certification)

Front view of Roxy Hotel & Apartment.

Cha Cha Moon Restaurant located at 7th Floor of Roxy Hotel & Apartment.

Inside view of Cha Cha Moon Restaurant.

Love the Great View of this Restaurant.

Me & my friends (8 pax) ordered this .. Fly Me To The Moon Lunch Chinese Set Package at RM300.00 for 7 dishes. We also ordered 3 additional dishes from the menu.

[ MENU 1 ]
Double Boiled Chicken Soup Infuse Chrysanthemum Flower
( Personal Rating : 7.5/10 )
Nice for me. Very light and refreshing with a slight hint of Chrysanthemum fragrance.

Double Boiled Chicken Soup Infuse Chrysanthemum Flower (Photo 1/3)

Double Boiled Chicken Soup Infuse Chrysanthemum Flower (Photo 2/3)

Double Boiled Chicken Soup Infuse Chrysanthemum Flower (Photo 3/3)

[ MENU 2 ]
Teriyaki Chicken
( Personal Rating : 8/10 )
Taste Good with the Sweet Teriyaki Sauce and spread with Sesame Seed. Chicken meat is soft & juicy.

Teriyaki Chicken (Photo 1/2)

Teriyaki Chicken (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 3 ]
Duo Mushroom & Seasonal Vegetables with In House Sauce
( Personal Rating : 7.5/10 )
Nice one ! Love this menu ..  

Duo Mushroom & Seasonal Vegetables with In House Sauce (Photo 1/2)

Duo Mushroom & Seasonal Vegetables with In House Sauce (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 4 ]
Marmite Prawn
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )
The Prawns are huge and fresh. Love the hint of bitter sweet taste of the Marmite. 

Marmite Prawn (Photo 1/2)

Marmite Prawn (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 5 ] 
Mah Po Tofu
( Personal Rating : 7.5/10 )
This one also not bad. Presentation is Superb !  

Mah Po Tofu (Photo 1/2)

Mah Po Tofu (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 6 ]
Seafood Fried Rice
( Personal Rating : 8.5/10 )
I personally love this Fried Rice very much. But too bad can't find any Seafood. I just saw 1 small piece of Prawn only. Ohhh... They put Ebiko (Shrimp Roe) on top of the Fried Rice which makes this Fried Rice Special and have a nice taste & aroma.  

Seafood Fried Rice (Photo 1/2)

Seafood Fried Rice (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 7 ]
Mango Pomelo Dessert
( Personal Rating : 6.8/10 )
The Mango & Strawberry Sweetness is there but choosing the right Pomelo is a must to avoid "Bitter" taste in this dessert.  

Mango Pomelo Dessert (Photo 1/2)

Mango Pomelo Dessert (Photo 2/2)

Popcorn Chicken @ RM19.00
( Personal Rating : 8/10 ) 
Popcorn Chicken dip with Chocolate Syrup anyone ? Not for me but Ohhh... Our kids loves this very much ! Suggested to have variety of sauce like Teriyaki, Honey Mustard and etc sauce. 

Popcorn Chicken (Photo 1/2)

Popcorn Chicken (Photo 2/2)

Poppadom Seafood @ RM27.00
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )
Unique ! Taste Marvelous ! Presentation is superb !  

Poppadom Seafood (Photo 1/3)

Poppadom Seafood (Photo 2/3) 

Poppadom Seafood (Photo 3/3)

Poppadom Chicken @ RM22.00
( Personal Rating : 8.5/10 )
Yess this one nice too but still prefer the Seafood one. Nice & Unique presentation !  

Poppadom Chicken (Photo 1/3)

Poppadom Chicken (Photo 2/3)

Poppadom Chicken (Photo 3/3)

Our Total Bill = RM444.00.

Their Menu with Pricing.