Friday, 15 December 2017

Empurau Fish @ Royal Empurau

Empurau Fish

What is Empurau Fish ? Empurau Fish is the most expensive edible freshwater Fish in Malaysia which has its reputation that reaches all around the world with its price which can reached as high as RM1,800.00 per kg. 

Although Empurau Fish is a Freshwater Fish, you will not taste the muddy taste which you always get from other Freshwater Fish such as Tilapia Fish.

Empurau also known as "Wang Pu Liao" (Which mean Unforgettable in Mandarin) which is rare to come by - even in the wild. Empurau also known as icon of Borneo originating from the clean and mountainous rivers of Sarawak.

The Unique Flavour of Empurau Fish is Creamy fatty texture which Empurau fish is famous for lending themselves to Engkabang (The Ilipe Nut), which grows exclusively on the island of Borneo.

Eating and Serving fish is known in several Asian Cultures to be associated with prestige and a symbol of success. Empurau will only heighten this experience as it has grown to become a symbol of status and luxury.

Where to get / buy Empurau ?

You can get or buy Empurau from Royal Empurau. You must be thinking ... "Why Royal Empurau ?". Buying Empurau from the Local Fisherman is really hard to find as this fish is very rare in market and sometimes, Local Fisherman can sell the Empurau they caught as high as thousands per kg.

What's the different between Farmed & Wild Empurau ?

Why eating Empurau ? 

By eating Empurau, we can taking an economic approach to conversation by diverting the demand for Shark Fin in a way that is culturally appropriate and sustainable. 

This is a win-win opportunity where people's lifestyle do not have to change and business increase their revenue. 

The beauty of Empurau is its culinary versatility. The same fish can be prepared steamed to cater for 10 people or as a soup for 50 people. This is why introducing Empurau will be GAME CHANGING. 
We bought one Empurau from Royal Empurau which its weight is around 1.6kg+ = Around RM1,248.00+.

We asked Mandarin Restaurant @ Icom Square to cook the Empurau that we bought. 

Below is 5 Differents Menu which we asked Mandarin Restaurant Chef to prepare.

[ MENU 1 ]
Steamed Empurau Fish with Slices of Ham 
( Personal Rating : 8.5/10 )
Nice ! A new unique way to lightly steam the Empurau Fish and topped with Scallions and pour over with light soy sauce concoction.

Steamed Empurau Fish (Photo 1/3)

Steamed Empurau Fish (Photo 2/3)

Steamed Empurau Fish (Photo 3/3)

 [ MENU 2 ]
Empurau Sashimi
( Personal Rating : 9.5/10 )
The Best among all dishes. Good Job Chef for making this Sashimi so perfect without its Fish bones. Oh yes, the unique, sweet flavour and creamy fatty texture is really there which makes this is the Best Sashimi i ever had in my life !

Empurau Sashimi (Photo 1/3)

Empurau Sashimi (Photo 2/3)

Empurau Sashimi (Photo 3/3)

[ MENU 3 ]
Empurau Fish Soup
 ( Personal Rating : 9.2/10 )
This Soup is very Good ! The Chef really Good and have his talent where he can create such a unique, delicious, rich and silky broth which is much-much better than Shark Fin Soup to be honest ! Good job Chef !

Empurau Fish Soup (Photo 1/2)

Empurau Fish Soup (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 4 ]
Fried Empurau Fish Scales
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )
Ohh Yess.. Empurau Scales are edible ! It is BEST to Fried it and it is so crunchy which taste like plastic wrapper. Good one too !  

Fried Empurau Fish Scales (Photo 1/2)

Fried Empurau Fish Scales (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 5 ]
 Stir Fried Empurau with Spring Onion
( Personal Rating : 8/10 )
 Slices of Empurau is soft and everything is just nice !

Stir Fried Empurau with Spring Onion (Photo 1/2)

Stir Fried Empurau with Spring Onion (Photo 2/2)


[ MENU 1 ]
 Mango Duck on top of French Loaf.
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )
 According to their Chef, this is one of their new menu. Taste unique and delicious if you put the mango slices on top of it !

Mango Duck on top of French Loaf (Photo 1/2)

Mango Duck on top of French Loaf (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 2 ]
Fried Butter Prawn
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )
Really nice ! Tasted superb and delicious ! The serving plate also unique with its drawing design. 

Fried Butter Prawn (Photo 1/2)

Fried Butter Prawn (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 3 ]
Mango Pudding
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )
Nice refreshing Pudding to end our Lunch meal. Great one !