Tuesday, 5 September 2017


What You Should Not Do During This Hungry Ghost Festival Month ?
( Food Related Only )

Photo Credit to Flickr / Alan Yeh

The Hungry Ghost Festival, also known as Chik Guek Pua (In Hokkien) is a Traditional Chinese Festival which celebrated by the Chinese which is Buddhist or Taoist in many Countries. In the Chinese Calendar, the Hungry Ghost Festival falls on the 15th Night of the Seventh Lunar Month where it is the time the gates of Hell are opened for a full month for Spirits & Souls, aka “Good Brother”, to  get a Special Holiday Break from suffering in the Hell.

The meaning of “Hungry Ghost Festival” implies where this “Good Brothers” come out from Hell is to find something to Eat, Entertainment, possibly Souls to replace them at the place they died or to take Money (burn joss paper) from people who pray and do some Food/Fruits/Joss Paper offering during this month.

Photo credit to Sam Tsang

[ What you Shouldn't Do during Hungry Ghost Festival - Food Related Only ]

(1)  Do not disturb/step/kick or play around with the Food & Drinks which was put together with Joss Stick or candle burning along the roadside. That’s someone’s DINNER !

(2)  Do not go to a place where it is too dark & romantic to have your Dinner. I bet you don’t want any uninvited guests to accompany you during your dinner together.

(3)  Do not go out to have your Dinner after 10.00pm. They said it’s the time for the Spirits to go Clubbing as that time they believed to grow stronger at night especially after the Sun Sets.

(4)  Do not take Photographs or Selfie during the Night time of 7th Month but YES you can take photo of the Food you eat !

(5)  Do not Whistle to ask the waiter to come to take order at night. Call the Waiter using his/her name/nickname or using Boss/Bro ! Mahu Order lah…

(6)  Do not eat something smelly or with a Strong Smell like Belacan during night time. Some Spirits loves strong smell Food which can attract them to come to you.

(7)  Don’t wear red clothes if you wanna go eat. In Chinese Culture, Red is the colour which is most attractive to the ghost.

(8)  Don’t smash or kill Flies in your home. This is from the belief that your ancestors may reincarnate as a flies or any different animals and come back to visit you.  

(9)  Do not use your Chopstick to hit your Rice Bowl/Plates when you eat. Doing this is to attract or calling this spirits to come to eat. DINNER TIME !!

(10) If you are eating Durian and suddenly you smell fragment flower smells around you, Do not Comment ! 

"Believe it or not, I don't know ! Be respectful but don't overly Superstitious"

"You can do it if you don't believe. Do at your own Risks. Good Luck !"