Saturday, 16 September 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations "Fly Me To The Moon" @ Papillon, Batu Kawah New Township.

Mid - Autumn Festival Celebrations
" Fly Me To The Moon " 

[ Date ]
16th (Saturday) & 17th September 2017 (Sunday)

[ Time ]
16th September 2017 (Saturday) - 10.00am till 9.00pm
17th September 2017 (Sunday) - 10.00am till 5.00pm

[ Venue ]
Papillon Street Mall @ Batu Kawah New Township, Kuching.

Front view of Papillon Street Mall.

Bento Ramen Japanese Restaurant
Selling all kind of Sushi, Maki and many more...

Mongolian Master
Selling their famous BBQ Lamb Skewer. 

B BBQ Honey Chicken Wings
Selling BBQ 3 Layer Pork & Chicken Wings.

Saigon Fusion Vietnamese Restaurant
Selling all kind of Vietnamese Cuisine such as Summer Spring Roll, Sugarcane Shrimp and etc...

The AlleyCats Cafe
Selling Buffalo Wings with their Special Sauce.

Motea (By Green Medi)
Selling Pure Herbs with No Addictive, No Preservatives & all Natural.. 

Gelato Italiano
Selling Homemade Ice Cream Gelato.

Juniper Restaurant
Selling Bak Kua Burger, Mealworms, Roselle Drinks, Microgreens, Purelane/Brazilian Spinach and etc.

Joey Homemade Dessert
Selling Mooncakes, Fruits Tarts, KaizoCool Salted Egg Potato Chips, Egg Tart and etc.

Maruku Kak Esot
Selling Local Special Made Maruku, Tempeyek and etc.

Tuk Tuk Cup
Selling Snacks (French Fries, Wedges and PopCorn Chicken) comes with Drinks in their Special Cup.

Shake It !
Selling Special 2 Layers Drinks using Bottle. Avalaible all kind of Flavour like Raspberry, Milk Tea, Pepermint Chocolate & Peach.

Freda Bakery
Selling Apple Pie, Chicken Pie & Sardin Pie.

Tree Cafe
Selling all kind of Mooncakes, Cakes, Biscotti and Citrus Drinks.

Farmer's Crib
Selling Chilled Bottle Drinks, Popcorn and Mineral Water.

All kinds of Food Trucks also participate in this event.