Thursday, 28 September 2017

Soup Master Ah Yi @ Tabuan Heights Commercial Centre, Jalan Song

Soup Master Ah Yi

Location :
Precint 88, Lot 11429, Block 11, G15 Tabuan Height Commercial Centre,
Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.
( Behind Watson )

Contact :
016 - 896 9529

Operating Hours :
Monday to Sunday from 11.00am to 9.00pm


Their Business Banner with Map Location
( Took from their Facebook Page )

Front view of Soup Master Ah Yi Restaurant.

The Blue Farmasi Signboard (On the left) is Watson. Soup Master Ah Yi is just located behind Watson. At the Yellow Circled.  

This is Soup Master Ah Yi Side Signboard.

Their Menu with pricing.

Restaurant inside View.

Their Restaurant Herbs decoration.

We ordered all their 6 kind of Soups.

Served with Pumpkin Rice at RM2.00 per bowl.

Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup @ RM15.00
This is the Most Recommended Soup by the Owner of Soup Master Ah Yi. This soup includes of 1 Chicken Drum Stick, 2 Pieces of Abalone, 1 piece of Oyster and 2 pieces of Fish Maw.
( Personal Rating : 9/10 ) 

Ten Tonic Ginseng Chicken Soup @ RM11.00
First Sip, tasted Sweet and Bitter in the end. Good for Blood Circulation.
( Personal Rating : 8/10 )

Wintermelon Barley Pork Rib Soup @ RM9.00
Tasted not bad ! Nice too. Suitable for Kids as less herbs taste/smell.  
( Personal Rating : 8/10 )

Lotus Root Pork Ribs Soup @ RM9.00
One of the Soup that our Admin like ! Lotus Root ! Recommended !
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )

Gingko Pork Tripe Pepper Soup @ RM10.00
 This one also recommended by us !
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )

Pear & Apple Pork Soup @ RM9.00
Tasted slightly Sweet because cooked with Pear & Apply but NICE !
( Personal Rating : 8.5/10 )

Price of the Soup is excluding Rice. They sell Fragrance Rice at RM1.50, Pumpkin Rice at RM2.00 and Olive Rice at RM2.00 per bowl.

Restaurant Decoration is indeed nice and clean.

Waiter still new. Ask the waiter few questions about the Menu but unable to answer me till the owner came and explained it to me. Well, not a big deal.


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Xiao Wu Chao Zhu @ Lorong Chawan 16, Taman Supreme.

Xiao Wu Chao Zhu

Location :
No. 181, Lorong Chawan 16, Taman Supreme, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak. ( Also nearby at Lorong Nyatoh 2A )

Operating Hours :
Monday to Friday from 6.30am till 1.30pm / 5.30pm till 8.30pm
Saturday from 6.30am till 2.00pm only.
Sunday is Off.


Front view of the location.

Inside view. 

Find Lorong Nyatoh 2A and you can find the place.

Big Prawn Char Zhu Mee @ RM12.00
( Personal Rating : 8/10 ) 
Taste Just Nice ! 

 This Char Zhu Mee comes with 2 Big Prawns.

You can see how Big is the Prawn using the Spoon.

 Fried Chicken Rice @ RM6.50
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )
Rating given by Mr. Alan (Kuching Food Critics Food Ranger)

 Rojak @ RM5.00
( Personal Rating : 7.8/10 )

 Tauhu Rojak @ RM0.80 per piece.
( Personal Rating : 7.8/10 )

According to the Taukeneo, they served their Signature Curry Mee every Wednesday and Signature Pork Leg Mee every Thursday.

They used to operate their Food Business at the roadside of Lorong Chawan 16 (Under 1 Big Old Tree) but then was asked to move to other place by the Local Council. Now then they moved to somewhere nearby - Not far from their old place which is at Lorong Nyatoh 2A and have more Bigger & Clean place to do their business.


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Bento Ramen Japanese Restaurant Kuching @ Brighton Square

Bento Ramen Japanese Restaurant Kuching

Location :
Sublot 26, Lot 7691, Brighton Square, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak. (Opposite CityOne Mall)

Contact Number :
082 - 458 525

Operating Hours :
Monday to Friday ( 11.00am to 2.30pm / 6.00pm to 10.30pm )
Saturday & Sunday ( 11.00am to 10.30pm )


Many people and Friends asked me why i like to go to Bento Ramen Japanese Restaurant in Kuching ?

Not because i know the Boss and i support him.. NO ! Well, if you say i know the Boss and i support him, you are WRONG ! I know almost all Boss of Japanese Restaurant in Kuching and they all are my Friends.

I am a person who is Fair when comes to critics about Food. Even if my friends invite me to their shop, anything not good or i think need to improve, I will inform them and to give my personal opinion and suggestion to make it better. Even if the Food really not good, I will also Critics like how i critics other Food which is not belongs to my Friend.

Okay, back to Bento Ramen. I had my Sushi at Bento Ramen since their 1st Outlet at Ground Floor of Sarawak Plaza that was i think 11 years ago. All this while, I like the ways they make their Sushi, Sashimi, Bento Set and etc. Really suit my taste ! Of course, different people with different taste. Thou Bento Ramen is not as good as some other Japanese Restaurant in Kuching but for me, Bento Ramen is always good in term of everything and most importantly, The Pricing which is NOT SO EXPENSIVE !

Besides that, Bento Ramen also flexible in doing/making "What & How you wants your Sushi to be?" and they will make it for you and charge you at one Reasonable Price ! Not like other Japanese Restaurant, every menu you order is based on the Menu and cannot do other than what stated in the menu. 

Front view of Bento Ramen Japanese Restaurant in Kuching.

Their Sushi Bar.

Two Sushi Chef making Sushi & Sashimi.

500 Gram of Fresh Salmon Sashimi at RM50.00. They sell 1kg at RM100.00.
( Personal Rating : 9/10 = Fresh )

Bento Ramen Signature Roll @ RM32.00
( This one is Good ! Recommended )
Personal Rating : 9/10

Salmon Skin Salada @ RM12.00
( Personal Rating : 9/10 ) 

Sushi Moriawase @ RM30.00
( Personal Rating : 8.5/10 ) 

Seafood Okonomiyaki @ RM12.00
( Personal Rating : 8.5/10 ) 

This is how big is the Seafood Okonomiyaki.


8.5 / 10 = GOOD