Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Ayam Penyet Ria @ Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

Ayam Penyet Ria

Location :
Lot. 250 & 251, Section 49, KTLD,
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
( Beside Sarawak Plaza / New Atmosfera 3 )


Front view of Ayam Penyet Ria. (Beside New Atmosfera 3)

 When you come in, Choose your Table and Queue to Order & Pay.

Ayam Penyet with Rice @ RM10.30
( Personal Rating : 7.5/10 )

Ayam Bakar with Rice @ RM11.30
( Personal Rating : 8/10 )

 Both Ayam Penyet & Ayam Bakar.

 Lumpia @ RM6.40
( Personal Rating : 7/10 )
Look and Tasted like Fried Pohpia but this is Indonesia Style Fried Pohpia

Cumi Cumi Crispy @ RM8.70
( Personal Rating : 6/10 ) 
Fried Sotong. Nothing Special for me.  

 Kopi Tarik Ice @ RM4.80 (Less Ice)
( Personal Rating : 6/10 )

 Ais Kacang Merah @ RM5.00
( Personal Rating : 6/10 )
Please Click Video below to see the Ingredients.

 Ais Campur @ RM5.00
( Personal Rating : 6.5/10 )
Please Click Video below to see the Ingredients.

  Our Total Bill.

Our Personal Comments : 

Nice new Place to have Ayam Penyet. Nice Restaurant with unique Deco. Cashier is Friendly and know how to smile and jokes. 

Told the Cashier, I want Ayam Penyet with Rice but then was told the Ayam Penyet punya Sambal sudah habis. Well, they replaced with another kind of Spicy Sambal. Hoping in future, The management should always prepare extra Sambal as without the Ayam Penyet Sambal, it is not called Ayam Penyet. Something is Missing !

Drinks slightly a bit expensive. I understand Rental and everything is expensive nowadays but a Glass of Kopi Tarik Ice cost me RM4.80 is totally not worth it unless it has something Special and to WOW about ..

As for the Ais Campur, It is okay.. Lots of ingredients in it but.. Ais Kacang Merah ? Click the Video and Judge yourself..

 Overall Rating :