Monday, 3 July 2017

Rumah Asap Samarindah @ Samarindah Opposite Church

Rumah Asap Samarindah

Location :
Samarindah, Kota Samarahan 
(Opposite Church)


200 Gram Pig Intestine = RM12.00
(100 Gram = RM6.00)
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )

3 Layer BBQ Pork Belly = RM17.00
( Personal Rating : 9/10 )  

To find a parking at that place is very hard. Do not park at the roadside as it will creates more jammed to the road. 

You can park your car beside the Rumah Asap. There is one big land for parking behind the Green House which they only charge RM2.00 per car.