Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Everything will be better if "Customers understand Food Operators & Food Operators understand Customers",

Everything will be better if ....

Customers Understand Food Operators & Food Operators Understand Customers.

YESSSS ... We as Customers do understand that people who do Food Business is to earn for a living.. We know that doing Food Business is not easy and you faced lots of problem such as Staffs Problem, Increase of Ingredients price and etc.. We know that you people have to go market early in the morning to buy ingredients.. We also know that you need to pay High Rentals and so on...

BUT .... As a Food Operators, 

You should also understand the situation that Customers like us is facing. Our Salary increment once a year.. Some people don't even have salary increment. We work hard to feed ourself and family. We get scolded by our Bosses for this and that during working and bla bla bla.. Never ending story.
I believed most customers hope they can spent their money buying a Food which is Fresh, Clean, Nice & at a Reasonable Price from a Food Outlet.

I mean who will not angry if they use their hard earned money to buy something and it is not up to their expectation ? 

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