Friday, 2 June 2017

Merdeka Palace Ramadhan Buffet 2017

Merdeka Palace Ramadhan Buffet 2017

Location :
Aurora Court Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak.

Contact :
082 - 270 808

- HALAL - 

Their Ramadhan Buffet 2017 Price List Banner.

Front Entrance to Ramadhan Buffet Aurora Court.

All the Food Stalls with Chef on standby to cook and serve what you want to eat.

Inside Aurora Court view.

One of their Food Section with Ulam Ulaman, Bread, Appetizer & Salad.

Their Appetizer Corner. 

Appetizer, Salad and Local Kerabu. 

Salad Section.

Ulam-Ulaman & Bread Section.

Appetizer Section.

Desserts Section.

Lots of Desserts & Cakes to choose.

Eat all you can... 

Roti John, Burger and Murtabak Maggi Food Stall.

Chef in action to make the Mini Burger .. 

Aneka Cucur Stall. Got Cucur Pisang, Cucur Sweet Potato and Keropok Lekor to choose. 

Shawarma Food Stall. 

Roasted Whole Lamb Stall. 

Laksa Sarawak Food Stall. Order and the Chef will do it for you... 

Satay Food Stall. Available is Chicken & Beef Satay with Satay Cravy and slices of Cucumber, Ketupat and Red Onion. 

Variety of Fruits to choose. (Papaya, Honey Dew, Pineapple, Watermelon, Buah Kurma and Mix Fruits Stick)

Ikan Bakar & Nasi Briyani Gam Kambing Section.

Also available Lok-Lok. 

Variety of Drinks for you to choose. Air Sirap Bandung, Sarsi, Sugar cane, Teh Tarik, Tea or Coffee.

Also available Steamed Chicken, Roasted Duck and lots of Curry ..

Local Kuih muih.

According to Head Chef Mr. Fadill, Merdeka Palace Buffet serves 120+ of choices which includes Appetizer, Condiment, Main Dishes, Stalls Items, Desserts and Drinks. 

83.25% (Rated by 7 Kuching Food Critics Food Rangers)
Rating : 9/10