Thursday, 29 June 2017

Korean Food Festival 2017 @ Puzzle Restaurant, Pullman Kuching Hotel

[ Korean Food Festival 2017 ]

Location :
Puzzle Restaurant, Pullman Kuching Hotel.

Contact :
082 - 222 888 EXT 2100 
(Puzzle Restaurant)


Their Korean Food Festival Banner.

And enjoy 25% Discount OFF. Applicable for both Ala Carte & Buffet Dinner.

Front view of Puzzle Restaurant @ Pullman Kuching Hotel.

Front view of Puzzle Restaurant with Korean Food Festival Deco.

Vegetable & Tuna Kimbap

Bulgogi Salad (Marinated Beef with Fresh Greens)
Mushroom Bokum (Stir Fried Mushroom with Sesame Seeds)
Ho Bak Namul (Lightly cooked zucchini with leeks & sesame seeds)
Gaji Namul (Korean Soft Eggplant salad)
Anchovy Bokum (Korean Style Fried Anchovy)

Kimchi (Special Chili Pasted with Chinese Cabbage)
Sangchu Geotjeol-i (Fresh Lettuce with Spicy Sesame Sauce)
Pa Kimchi (Spicy Spring Onion Kimchi)

Korean Main Course Section.

Dak Gang Jung (Fried Crispy Chicken thigh with sweet & lightly spicy sauce)
Beef Bulgogi (Marinated premium NZ Beef Rib Eye Beef, Onion & Sesame Seeds)
Saeu Bokk Eumbab (Wok Fried Rice with Shrimp, Egg, Spring Onion & Sesame Seeds)
Saengseon Jorim (Pacific Ocean mackerel, radish, leeks with spicy sauce)

Beef Galbi Jjim (Premium NZ Beef Short rib, radish, carrot cooked with traditional soya sauce, onion & sesame seeds)
Dak Bokum Tang (Korean Spicy Chicken stew with Potato)
Ojing O Bokum (Fresh Squid, mixed vegetable with Chili Paste)

Yeondubu (Soft Tofu with Korean Garlic Soya Sauce)
Oyi Neng Guk (Sweet & Sour Cold Soup Seaweed with Cucumber)

Salads with 4 kind of Sauces (French & Thousand Island Dressing, Herb Vinaigrette & Olive Oil)

Mixed Fruits Section.

Grilling Section.

Grilled Chicken Thigh, LA Galbi (Marinated premium beef short rib) & King Prawns.

Everybody Loves this Chef as he serves the BEST & MOST LAKU Menu - Grilled King Prawns. 

You can see how Big is their King Prawns.

Desserts & Cakes Section.

Variety of Cakes.

72.50% (Rated by 7 Kuching Food Critics Rangers)
Rating : 8/10