Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Pasar Ramadhan @ Emart Batu Kawah

Pasar Ramadhan Emart Batu Kawah

Location :
Emart Batu Kawah, Kuching.

Photo by :
Joyce, Kuching Food Critics Food Ranger.

Selamat Berpuasa & Selamat Hari Gawai 2017

Kuching Food Critics mengucapkan
"Selamat Berpuasa & Selamat Hari Gawai"
kepada yang berpuasa dan menyambut Hari Gawai.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Pasar Ramadhan @ UTC Kuching

Pasar Ramadhan UTC Kuching

 Bukit Mata, Kuching.

Hot Weather to buy your Buka Puasa Food ?
Hard to find Carpark ?
Scared your car being blocked by other people ?
Scared simply park your car and get summon by the Police ?

No worries.. Go to UTC Kuching. Semua pun ada.. Carpark pun banyak, Aircond pun sejuk.. Semua barang pun tak perlu risau.. Yeahhh~~! 

Front view of UTC Kuching at Bukit Mata. Above UTC Kuching is the Bukit Mata Seafood, Hot Spot for Tourist to have seafood. 

Monday, 29 May 2017

Win Soon Cafe @ iCom Square, Kuching.

Win Soon Cafe

Location :
Lot C165 & C166, Ground Floor, Block C, iCom Square, Section 64, Jalan Pending, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak.

Contact : 
011 - 108 23022


This is my 2nd Visit after 5 months ago.. On my 1st Visit, Everything was okay except the Waiting time that was really need to wait long. Well, I can't blame them cos last time during my 1st Visit, they are still new and everything is not yet run smoothly.. Well its okay..

Now, on my 2nd Visit, the thing that really makes me Happy 😊😊 is that they have improved their 🕗 Serving and Waiting time ! Last time i need to wait at least 45 Minutes 😡 for my Food to reach but now less than 25 Minutes 😋 !! 

Bravo Win Soon Cafe and all the Staffs for improving ! 👏🏻👏🏻

Overall the Food is still up to the Quality and Standard.

Front view of Win Soon Cafe.

Menu 1 - Seaweed Roll
Price : RM9.90
Personal Rating : 7/10
Estimated waiting time is 16 minutes.

Menu 2 - Fresh Bamboo Roll 
Price : RM9.90
Personal Rating : 7/10
Estimated waiting time is 16 minutes.

Menu 3 - Fried Dumpling
Price : RM9.90
Personal Rating : 7/10
Estimated waiting time is 16 minutes.

Menu 4 - Fry Fish Paste Mee Hoon
Price : RM11.90
Personal Rating : 7.5/10
Estimated waiting time is 21 Minutes.

Menu 5 - Tom Yam Fish Paste & Fish Head Soup
Price : RM11.90
Personal Rating : 9/10
Estimated waiting time is 5 Minutes. 

Menu 6 - Red Snapper Fish Head
Price : RM16.90
Personal Rating : 9/10
Estimated waiting time is 22 Minutes.

Menu 7 - Fresh Prawn & Red Snapper Fish Head Meehoon
Price : RM25.90
Personal Rating : 9/10
Estimated waiting time is 25 Minutes.

3 pieces of Big Fresh Prawn for Menu No. 7.

Menu 8 - Fresh Prawn & Akame Fish 
Price : RM25.90
Personal Rating : 9/10
Estimated waiting time is 25 Minutes.

Menu 9 - Akame Fish Head Meehoon
Price : RM16.90
Personal Rating : 8/10
Estimated waiting time is 25 Minutes. 

 Our Total Bill.

Overall Comments : -
(1) Good Job in improving your service and serving time if compare to our 1st Visit that was 5 months ago.
(2) Food overall still Good. Quality and the Standard is still there.

Overall Marks/Rating : -
82.31% (Rated by 6 Kuching Food Critics Rangers)

Monday, 22 May 2017

Portico Restaurant & Bar @ Lorong Park Lane

Portico Restaurant & Bar

Location :
Lot 19, 17A, Lorong Park Lane, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak.

Contact :
019 - 819 8046


Roadside View of Portico Signage.

Front view of Portico Patisserie.

Their Front Entrance.

Inside View (Dining Room 1)

Inside View (Dining Room 2)

Nice Garden View inside the Restaurant.

Menu 1 - Portico Platter
( Combination of Grilled Thigh Fillet, Grilled Lamb Chop & Rib Eye Steak served with French Fries & Salad. Portion Suitable for 2 pax. )
Price : RM98.00
Personal Rating : 8/10 

Rib Eye Steak & Grilled Lamb Chop

Grilled Chicken Thigh Fillet

Rib Eye Steak (Medium Well)

See how big is this Portico Platter.

Menu 2 - Smoked Duck Pizza
( 12" Thin Crust Smoked Duck breast Meat and Mozzarella Cheese on top of tomato pizza sauce. Smoked Duck Breast meat topping is very generous )
Price : RM40.00
Personal Rating : 8/10

Menu 3 - Calamari Rings with Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise.
Price : RM14.00
Personal Rating : 8/10

It's a must to take together with this Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise. Yummy !😋😋

Menu 4 - Wild Mushroom Soup 
Price : RM10.00
Personal Rating : 8.5/10

Creamy Mushroom Soup ! Yummylicious...😋😋

Coca Cola (Jumbo Size)
 Price : RM7.00
Personal Comments : Worth the Price.

Double Coconut Juice
Price : RM7.00
Personal Rating : 8.5/10

My Total Bill.


(1) Very Nice Dining Place & Environment. It's Cozy, Clean and a nice place to have private occasion. 
(2) The waitresses are friendly and professional. After taking my orders, they repeat again and asked how well do i want the meat to be ? I asked for Medium Well. This matter is important when serving steak and chops.
(3) We can opt to sit indoor with aircond or outside to enjoy the cool breeze.
(4) I noticed that they do serve wine and alcohol to go with your food but have no worries that their food is totally serve without pork and lard. 
(5) Food served fast enough. All menu arrived less than 20 minutes. 
(6) Yesss.. ! They got Baby Chair, Plastic Plate and Spoon for Kids.