Monday, 10 April 2017

The BanQuet @ Dr Ketam Shell Out

Dr Ketam Shell Out !

Location : 
The BanQuet Restaurant, 3rd Exchange Commercial Centre, Kuching.



Dr Ketam Shell Out Banner as shown in their Facebook Page.

Dr Ketam comes with 3 different sauces to choose.
( From Left to Right : Asian's Cabonara, Nyonya Curry & Lemon Grass Chili ) 

One set of this cost RM77.00 (Excluding 6% GST). Price is includes Bottomless White Rice, Unlimited French Slices & Free Flow Soft Drinks. Portion enough for 2 Adults.

1 Set of Dr Ketam Asian's Cabonara is comes with extra Cabonara Sauce. The sauce is really 'Thick' !

All sets of Dr Ketam is comes with Unlimited French Loaf Slices. Order & Eat as much as you can !

Great to have Food Adventurous Friends with me. So, Me and my friends ordered 3 Sets of this Dr Ketam with 3 different kind of sauces. This is how Dr Ketam Shell Out looks like ! Served on top of your table without Plates, Fork & Spoons. Eat them with you bare hand ! Wowww... (Well, No worries they do provide Rubber Hand Gloves for you to use)  

See how my friends enjoy their Food.
( Sorry we have to blurred their faces due to privacy)

My Total Bill.
( RM246.45 for 6 Adults / Estimated RM41.00+ to try something we never try before is totally WORTH IT ! )