Friday, 31 March 2017

Mydin @ CityOne

Mydin Grand Opening
Location : CityOne Shopping Mall 


Also available PopCorn, Ayam Panggang, Mi Goreng, Waffle and etc...

 HOT ITEMS ! Chicken Burger at RM0.79 and Fried Chicken at RM0.99 !

 Fried Chicken at RM0.99

 Chicken Burger at RM0.79

 Lots of people queuing up to buy the Fried Chicken.

Chocolate Donut at RM1.89 & Ocean Delight Pizza at RM1.99

Fried Squid at RM3.99 (100gm), Chicken Fillet at RM2.65, Wedges at RM2.79 (100gm) and etc.