Monday, 3 October 2016

New Menu @ Osome Wood Fired Pizza

New Menu
* Location : Osome Wood Fired Pizza @ same row with Chiak Pa Boi Kopitiam, From 3rd Mile to before Boulevard (On the Left Side).

* Menu Ordered : Orange Flavour Little Cheese Cake, Wood Fired Cheesy Nachos & Baked Pasta.

* Personal Comment on the Food : If you see this post and you feel hungry, Then it's Delicious ! What i wanna say is.. Try to believe it !

Orange Flavour Little Cheese Cakes 
(Personal Rating : 7.8/10)

Wood Fired Nachos 
(Personal Rating : 9/10)

Wood Fired Baked Pasta
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Very nice Cheesy Macaroni.

Nice Mushroom Soup