Monday, 24 October 2016

Food Hunters Cafe @ The Hills Shopping Plaza

Food Hunters Cafe
Location : Ground Floor, The Hills Shopping Plaza, Kuching.

Buffet Lunch per person : RM12.90 nett. 
(Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 12pm to 2pm)

Front view of Food Hunters Cafe

 Each person will be given a tray of this (2 Plates, Fork and Spoon). Take as much as you can using this 2 plates and extra charges will be charge to those who can't finish your food.

 This is what i get for my Lunch.

 They have Egg Tarts, Pizza and etc.
(Of course with the price of RM12.90 I can't expect much but sorry to say that their Pizza Crust is hard as it's cold already. The Egg custard itself is good but the Crust is hard also ! 

 Ohh yess.. They have Flower Crab ! Also available Local Fruits such as Pineapple and Watermelon and some local Vegetables Dishes.

Fried Bihun and Rice.

 Chicken Curry and Taufu.

 Available Local Vegetables dishes, Fried Chicken and etc.

Total Bill for 3 Pax. Each person cost RM12.90 without Tax.

After so many people posted about this Cafe in Facebook, At last i tried their Buffet today. Price per person is RM12.90 nett. Price is inclusive of Drinks which is Green Tea (Unlimited). First, upon your arrival at the Cafe, You will be asked to pay first then they will give u a tray of 2 plates and Fork & Spoon. Then you can start to take all the food as shown in the photo as much as you want using that 2 plates. But, please be advised that you can only take 1 time only and if there is any wastage, you will need to pay for the Penalty.

With the price of RM12.90 per person, Don't expect so much ! It's quite economy already as the have quite a number of choices to choose. All Food is good except Pizza and Egg Tarts. The Pizza Crust is a bit hard as it's already cold and the Egg Tarts Crust is also hard. YES I did informed the Taukeneo about it and Great ! She takes Critics positively and told me that they will improve from time to time.