Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Donut Cone Ice Cream @ RG Bergula Apong Ice Cream

Donut Cone Ice Cream
Location : RG Ais Krim Bergula Apong, Open Air Market, Kuching.


Price at Rm3.80. Something new... The Donut cone tasted a little bit like Cinnamon Rolls. Tried one and feel like wanna have 2nd one.. The Boss said, 1 day can sell only 10-15 Donut Cones as he wants to maintain Freshness & Softness of the Donut Bun and if he keep many stock, the Donut Bun will become hard within the next day. 

* OVERALL RATING : 9/10. GOOD JOB for implementing something new. If everyday the same menu, your customers will get bored also right ?