Friday, 23 September 2016

Joy-I Palace Restaurant @ Jalan Petanak

Joy-I Palace Restaurant
Location : Jalan Petanak, Kuching (Opposite Kaya Toast)


Front view of the restaurant.

Inside view.

The Lunch Set Promo - Rm7.80 per set meal.

Bao Jiang Pork Rice
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Honey BBQ Pork Rice
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Free 1 Lemon Drink for every each Lunch Set.

My Total Bill.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Donut Cone Ice Cream @ RG Bergula Apong Ice Cream

Donut Cone Ice Cream
Location : RG Ais Krim Bergula Apong, Open Air Market, Kuching.


Price at Rm3.80. Something new... The Donut cone tasted a little bit like Cinnamon Rolls. Tried one and feel like wanna have 2nd one.. The Boss said, 1 day can sell only 10-15 Donut Cones as he wants to maintain Freshness & Softness of the Donut Bun and if he keep many stock, the Donut Bun will become hard within the next day. 

* OVERALL RATING : 9/10. GOOD JOB for implementing something new. If everyday the same menu, your customers will get bored also right ?

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Saigon Fusion Vietnamese Restaurant @ Bishop Gate, Carpenter Street

Saigon Fusion Vietnamese Cuisine
Location : Bishop Gate, Carpenter Street, Kuching.


Front Signage.

Pho @ Rm12.00
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

The Pho is comes with Kueh Tiaw and Beef.

Pho side dishes (To be add into the Pho)

Sugarcane Shrimp @ Rm20.00
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Mango Sticky Rice @ Rm15.00
(Personal Rating : 9/10)

Dry Rice Noodle Pork @ Rm11.00
(Personal Rating : 9/10)


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Bread Dessert Homemade Stall @ Peach Garden, Jalan Song

Bread Dessert Homemade Stall
Location : Peach Garden Kopitiam, Jalan Song.
Operating Day : Off every Friday.

Front view of the Stall.

Nice Bread & Buns with Lovely Cartoon Design for kids.. Suitable for Parents to buy and packed for their kids to bring to school.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sherperd Pie @ Backerei Corner, Jalan Song

Sherperd Pie
Location : Backerei Corner @ Jalan Song (Behind SCR Jalan Song)


Sherperd Pie Set @ Rm16.90

Come with Poach Egg, Normal Toast and some Vegetables.

Sherperd Pie (inside).


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Roasted Whole Chicken Honey @ GIANT, Stutong

Roasted Whole Chicken with Honey
Location : GIANT, Stutong


Price at Rm10.99 only. Read to eat !

Measured with the size of a Fork, this is how Big is the Chicken. 

Price Tag. Only Valid for 1 Day Best Before.


The Chicken tasted Good and Juicy. Not too dry and price with is reasonable !

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Nasi Ayam Place @ 1st Floor, Boulevard Shopping Mall

Nasi Ayam Place
Location : 1st Floor, Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching.


Front view of Nasi Ayam Place.

Half Chicken with 3 Bowl of Chicken Rice.

Half Chicken of Steamed Chicken @ Rm20.00
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Nice Chili
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

My Total Bill.

Just one thing i wanna comment about is... Please provide Baby Chair for your customers convenient. I'll come again when you have baby chair in future.

* Overall Personal Rating : 8/10.  
If got Baby Chair, I will give 9/10.