Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Closure of Kuching City Aquarium Museum - October 2016

Sarawak Museum Aquarium to be close soon and will turn out to be a Restaurant.

This is our Kuching City Aquarium Museum. Located at Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, Kuching. This historical Aquarium features lots of marine life fish where we can found in Sarawak waters. 

The Fish are displayed in a 4-5 feet tanks together with their names of the various species but without information about the Fish environment or living habitat of the fish. Besides having fish displayed, this Sarawak Aquarium Museum also have other animals such as Crocodiles, Birds and Tortoise.

But all this Historical Aquarium Museum will soon be a good old memories for Sarawak people and those tourist who ever came to this museum before. 

According to the Worker of this Museum, this museum will soon be closed down for good and will be replace with a Restaurant. What kind of Restaurant, We still do not know. We heard it's a Project by our Sarawak Government. Maybe an Aquarium Restaurant where we can Dine in and see all the Fishes swimming in the water ? Well, We shall wait and see....   

 Anyway, the Aquarium museum will close down by this October 2016. Let's visit those Fishes before we can't see them again. 

Below are the photos of the Museum which i took today (01/06/2016).