Sunday, 29 May 2016

Jadual Waktu Imsak & Berbuka Puasa 2016 untuk Kuching & Samarahan

Jadual Waktu Imsak dan Berbuka Puasa Tahun 1437 H / 2016 M

Bagi Zon 8 (Kuching, Bau, Lundu & Sematan)

Bagi Zon 7 (Samarahan, Simunjan, Serian, Sebuyau & Meludam)

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Starlicious Pizza @ OSOME Wood Fire Pizza

Osome Wood Fired Pizza
Location : Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli, Same Row with Chiak Pah Boi Kopitiam.


It has been quite sometime i didn't come to Osome Wood Fire Pizza which is located at Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli (Same row with Chiak Pa Boi Kopitiam).

My Intention at first was... to have my Favourite Hi Sweety Pizza but then i was surprise by the Boss Gilbert Lu to try their Newly Creation Pizza named "Starlicious". According to Mr. Gilbert, He is going to Launched this Pizza by tomorrow (27/05/2016) and Thanks God.. Hehehehe.. He said I'm the 3rd Lucky Customers to try this Pizza.

To be honest with you all (Not giving Good Comments just to pleased Mr. Gilbert), This Pizza is really GOOOOODDD !!! I did told the Boss.. "Do you know why I Love to go to Pizza Hut? Well, It's all because I like the Stuffed Crust Pizza and now, you created a Pizza exactly like what Pizza Hut have.. Stuffed Crust".

On top of the Pizza is this Rocket Vege. Something i never had before in my Life. It's well marinated with Lemon, Sea Salt and Olive Oil which makes the whole Pizza tasted Superb and Delicious ! With the Pizza Design like a Star, this is why the Pizza is called... "STARLICIOUS PIZZA" !

Well Guys and Gurls... Maybe by words can't proof anything but i believed Photos can show you How delicious the Pizza is.. Go and have it by your own and judge it yourself.

When Ah Ong says it's Good... I believed Majority will agreed with me.

NEW PIZZA - Starlicious Pizza @ Rm30.50
(Personal Rating : 9/10)

On Top Green Vegetable is called Rocket Vege. They marinated the Rocket Vege with Lemon, Sea Salt and Olive Oil. Tasted very Nice !

Inside of this is Cheese. Similiar like what Pizza Hut have - Stuffed Crust !

Smoky Porky Pizza @ Rm29.50
(Personal Rating : 7.5/10)
Tasted nice but too meaty for me.


My Total Bill.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Overdose Team Station Drinks @ Kota Samarahan, Desa Ilmu.

OVERDOSE Team Drinks Station
Location : Kota Samarahan, Desa Ilmu & Semariang.
(Please refer to their Facebook Page for more Info)


The Drinks Stall located at Desa Ilmu, Kota Samarahan. Opposite 1Malaysia CoffeeShop.

4 choices of Flavours to choose.
(Hazelnut, Capuccino, Choco & Green Tea)

Their Drinks Banner.

I ordered this. Choco Flavour. Nice and Unique Packaging. Rm6.00 per packet.


Saturday, 21 May 2016

Smoked Pork Rice @ Lee Coffee Shop, Jalan Stutong

Smoked Duck/Pork Rice
Location : Lee Coffee Shop, Jalan Stutong.


Front View of the Stall.

Smoked Pork & Duck Rice @ Rm8.00
(Personal Rating : 7/10)

Thanks to the Tauke for giving me Chicken Feet Curry to try.

Sedap Selera @ Peach Garden, Jalan Song

Sedap Selera 
Location : Peach Garden, Jalan Song, Kuching.


Front view of the Stall.

Ayam Penyet @ Rm8.00
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Not bad ! Having "Buy 10 Free 1 Concept" to reward those Value and Supportive Customers. 

Coconut @ Telaga Air

Fresh Coconut
Location : Alea Coconut Shake @ Telaga Air.
(Road on the Way to Matang)


Front View

Inside View.

Lots of Fresh Coconuts today.

Very Big Fresh Coconut @ RM4.00.

Fresh Young Coconut Meat.

They also got sell Mango Shake @ RM4.00 each cup.


Nasi Lemak @ KingWood Inn Hotel

Nasi Lemak
Location : KingWood Inn Hotel, Kuching.


Nasi Lemak @ Rm20.00+
Yes It's pricy but you have to know, It's Hotel Standard !

Nasi Lemak come with a bowl of Chicken Curry.

(Personal Rating : 8.5/10)

Monday, 2 May 2016

Buntal 88 Seafood @ Buntal

Buntal 88 Seafood
Location : Kampung Buntal, Kuching.


Front view of Buntal 88 Seafood

Recommended Dish - Marinated Bidin
(Personal Rating : 9.5/10)
Portion for 10 pax.

Recommended Dish - Deep Fried Bitter Gourd cooked with Salted Egg Yolk.
(Personal Rating : 9.5/10)
Portion for 10 pax.

Recommended Dish - Crab cooked with Salted Egg Yolk. (1kg = Rm60.00)
(Personal Rating : 9.5/10)
Portion for 10 pax with 2kg of Crabs.

Lemon Chicken
(Personal Rating : 9/10)
Portion for 10 pax.

Fried Oyster Pancake 
(Personal Rating : 8.5/10)
Portion for 10 pax.

Nestum Prawn 
(Personal Rating : 8.5/10)
Portion for 10 pax.

Sea Cucumber & Crab Meat Soup
(Personal Rating : 8.5/10)
Portion for 10 pax.

Venison Meat cooked with Ginger
(Personal Rating : 8/10)
Portion for 5 pax.

including 12 Bowl of Rice & 11 Pax Drinks.