Saturday, 12 March 2016

Caffe Bene @ VivaCity Mall

Caffe Bene
Location : VivaCity Mall @ Jalan Wan Alwi. Beside Burger King.


Americano @ RM7.60. Tasted Normal. Nothing Special !
This is Misugaru. Non Coffee at RM13.30 each. Tasted & Smell Nice.

Waffle with Walnut. Topping with Few types of Nut. Price at RM15.80. Not too sweet and something different is the Ice Cream Topping. Yummy !

Honey Bread @ RM18.00. The bread are soft with delicious Garlic and Cheese Topping.

Chocolate Cheese Cake @ RM12.50. Soft and Rich in Chocolate. Not too sweet too.. Delicious !

Personal Comments from our Kuching Food Critics Food Ranger, Miss Joyce Tan

* All the Food tasted not bad and not too sweet but the Food is pricey due to the quality is there.