Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sushi Zanmai @ VivaCity MegaMall

Sushi Zanmai
Location : Vivacity Megamall, Kuching.


Yeahhhh... Now Sushi Zanmai is in Kuching.. What's next ? Jagoya ? Hehehehe...

Sushi Zanmai.. Nice place.. Nice restaurant.. Nice Deco.. Staffs is Friendly... Fast... Efficient... Food served fast... Food is nice... and delicious... Staffs keeps serving Ocha Tea to the customers.. This is what i see and told the Restaurant Manager to keep up the Good work and to MAINTAIN IT !

Front view of Sushi Zanmai

Inside view.

Inside view.

Sushi Counter/Belt

White plate = RM2.80
Blue plate = RM3.80
Pink plate = RM4.80
Green plate = RM6.80

Avocado Sushi @ RM2.80

Aburi Salmon TM @ RM5.80

California TM @ RM6.80

Edamame @ RM6.80

Salmon Sashimi (Large) @ RM19.80
(Personal Rating/Comment = 9/10 Salmon is FRESH !)

Ikura Shoyuzuke @ RM15.80

My Total Bill.