Sunday, 29 November 2015

SHIOK Seafood @ Matang Hub, Jalan Matang.

SHIOK Seafood Restaurant

Location : 
Lot 14461 (Sublot 21 & 22), Matang Hub, Jalan Matang, Kuching, Sarawak.


Front view of SHIOK Seafood Restaurant.

Map Location of SHIOK Seafood.

Today many people coming to eat Seafood. Guess it's Sunday and Payday already.

Fresh Seafoods displayed.

Many kinds of Fruits.

Many kinds of Vegetables.

Dish No. 1 - SHIOK Prawns.
( Price : RM68.00 for Large )
Personal Rating : 9/10

Dish No. 2 - Sea Cucumber Soup.
( Price : RM60.00 for Large )
Personal Rating : 8/10

Dish No.3 - Paku Vegetable cooked with Garlic.
( Price : RM35.00 for Large )
Personal Rating : 7/10

Dish No. 4 - Fried Oyster Omelette.
( Price : RM25.00 for Large )
Personal Rating : 8/10

Dish No. 5 - Curry Garouper.
( Price : RM50.00 )
Personal Rating : 9/10

Dish No. 6 - Steamed Bamboo Clam
( Price : RM68.00 for Large )
Personal Rating : 9/10

Buffet Orchid Garden @ Grand Magherita Hotel

Buffet at Orchid Garden @ Grand Magherita Hotel.


Rm98.00 per person. Buffet only available on Wednesday and Saturday Night.

Below is the Food that i took.

Unlimited Fresh Oysters & Prawns.

Unlimited Salmon, Maguro & other Sashimi.

Unagi, Tako and other Sashimi.

Lamb Shoulder Steak.

Lots of Salads.

Red Bean & Lotus Pau.
This Pau is good.


Friday, 27 November 2015

TEA FM (102.7) Official Launching @ KTS Garden

Official Launching of TEA FM (102.7)
KTS Garden, Kuching.

Date : 27th November 2015

Yes, We are invited to the Official Launching of Tea FM as Kuching Food Critics is colaborate with Tea FM in "What's for Lunch ?" Radio Session every Friday, 12.00pm to 1.00pm.

Our Invitation Card.

Event will be launch by our Chief Minister of Sarawak, YAB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (DR) Haji Adenan Bin Haji Satem.

Menu for tonight. 

Dish No. 1 - Appetizers
(Personal Rating : 6.8/10)

Dish 2 - Seafood & Dry Scallop Soup
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Dish 3 - Mushroom, Seacucumber & Broccoli
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Dish 4 - Roasted Duck
(Personal Rating : 7/10) - A bit too salty

Extra Dish
(Personal Rating : 7/10)

Dish 5 - Western Style Lamb
(Personal Rating : 8.5/10)

Dish 6 - Tempura Prawn
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Kampua @ Ciak Pa Boi Cafe

Kampua Stall 
Location : Ciak Pa Boi Cafe, 3 1/2 Miles.
(From 3rd Miles to Boulevard, Before Boulevard Hotel)


Pork Liver Soup with Kampua Mee @ Rm6.50
(Personal Rating : 9/10)

Friday, 20 November 2015

Nando's PeRi-PeRi Delicious Journey in KL

Nando's PeRi-PeRi Delicious Journey in KL.

Date : 
20.11.2015 (Friday) - 21.11.2015 (Saturday)

Official Invitation by Nando's thru E-Mail as Nando's will open its New Outlet in Kuching coming this 12th December 2015.

Nando's Journey Itinerary

Thanks to Nando's for the Great Welcome with Nando's Mascot and Friendly Managers @ KLIA2.

Group Photos in front of Nando's KLIA2.

Special Mash Potatoes with Nando's PeRi-PeRi Sauce.

Nando's Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

Thursday, 19 November 2015

In Memory of Mr. Kok 2015

Dear Members,

It's very sad to inform that, Yesterday afternoon (18/11), Kuching Food Critics had lost a very Value & Active member due to Cancer.

He is a very lovely person who loves to eat and hunting for nice Food like Admin. It is indeed very sad and a Great lost for all of us here that he had passed away so quickly. 

Admin knows him thru this Group and we ever contact each other and went out to eat with his family twice as a Admin & Member Makan Outing. 

Kuching Food Critics will always Pray for him on his leaving and he will always be remembered by all of us here.

Our Deepest Condolences to his Family members.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Cosmos Pizza @ Song Plaza

Cosmos Pizza
Location : Song Plaza, Opposite CityOne.


Inside view of Cosmos Pizza

American Favourite Pizza @ Rm7.00 per piece
(Personal Rating : 8.5/10)

Salmon & Sour Pizza @ Rm8.00 per piece
(Personal Rating : 9/10)

Macaroni Pizza @ Rm7.00 per piece
(Personal Rating : 9/10)

IK HO @ Jalan Ang Cheng Ho

Location : Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, Kuching.


Front View of IK HO

Map Location of IK HO

Pandan with Chicken Floss @ Rm1.40 per piece.
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Charcoal Sandwich @ Rm4.00
(Personal Rating : 7/10)