Saturday, 29 August 2015

Roti Cheese Meleleh @ New Atmosfera, Simpang Tiga

Roti Cheese Meleleh 
Location : New Atmosfera, Jalan Simpang Tiga.


[ HALAL ] 

Today i went to New Atmosfera @ Simpang Tiga hoping i can guide the Chef here to make a better Roti Cheese Meleleh..

I asked if they can use the Kind of Cheese where they use to make Pizza during night time mixed with Normal Cheese so that it will taste more aromatic and delicious. They tried to do it and the photo below is what they produced..

Taste not bad but still need to improve a lot as the cheese is not "Meleleh" (Flowing) enough. The Skin of the Roti is crispy and my Personal Rating is 7.5/10. Those who loves to eat Cheese, You will love it ! Those who dont really love cheese, its advisable for u to share it with your friends cos if you eat it alone, you will vomit cos too many cheese !

My Advise to the Atmosfera Boss, Keep it up to improve and one day, you willl be succeed !