Monday, 31 August 2015

Food Gallery @ Tun Jugah

Food Gallery
Location : Tun Jugah Kuching


Food Court inside view 1.

Food Court inside view 2.

The Juice Bar.

Masak masak melayu.

Sushi for Sale.

Butter Chicken Rice @ Rm6.80
(Personal Rating : 8/10 - Rating by Ah Ong)

Claypot Rice @ Rm7.00
(Personal Rating : 5/10 - Rating by Joyce)

Air Batu Campur @ Rm3.50
(Personal Rating : 9/10 - Rating by Ah Ong)

Tomyam Seafood Beehoon @ Rm8.00
(Personal Rating : 8/10 - Rating by Joyce)

Mee Goreng @ Rm6.50
(Personal Rating : 7/10 - Rating by Keith)

The Food Court have 13 Stalls with different food but 4/13 Stalls is not open. The Management should have Rules like other Food Court where Food Stalls Operators shouldn't close their stalls during Public Holiday.

13 Stalls with variety of Food are as listed below : -

Mixed Rice
Korean Cuisine
Beef Noodles
Yong Taufu
Chicken Rice
Thai Cuisine
Crispy Chicken
Nasi Lemak
Mee & Nasi
Nasi Campur

My Personal Comments on the Food Court :-

1. The whole Food Court is Warm. Not cold enough.
2. Presentation & Decoration of every Food Stalls is very poor.
3. All Food Stalls should be open especially during Public Holiday or Weekends.