Sunday, 9 August 2015



To all Food Operators & Business Owners out there...

We, Kuching Food Critics would like to Advise everyone that if you received any Phone Calls from any Mobile Network Number saying he is Gangster Boss like O-Kaw, Ta-Ge-Yek or Sibu-Ti asking you to send your Products to Lido Star or any place in Kuching, Please Ignore such calls by hanging up your phone calls. No need to talk much with him..

Normally this Scammer will use Gangster name to frighten you and he will order a lot of food and things from your shop and ask you to send to Lido Star. If you dont do so, He will threaten you by saying he will come and destroy your shop. So if you are scared, He will ask u to pay him with an amount of money to be Bank in to his account.

If anyone of you encounter such incident, Ignore the Caller and Lodge a Report for further Police investigation immediately.

In Kuching Food Critics, We always Care for you ... and your stomach.