Thursday, 4 June 2015

Mom's Laksa @ Jalan Semarak

MOM's Laksa
Location : Jalan Semarak, Kuching.


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Today, a Good Friend of mine brought me to a place to have one of the Best Halal Laksa in town.. that was "Mom's Laksa".

Place located at Jalan Semarak, Kuching.

Personal Rating for this Laksa is 9.2/10. Gravy is thick and Delicious. This place will be my lepak place for Laksa.

Dear Mr. Anthony Bourdain, 

I know you love Laksa at Choong Hui Cafe but i personally thinks that u also need to try Laksa of many places in town. This is one of the Best Laksa i ever tried and I believed you will call this Laksa .. Food of the Almighty God. 


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