Wednesday, 18 February 2015



Dear our Lovely Members,
To Avoid being SLAUGHTER by some Food Operators who is trying to take opportunity during this Chinese New Year Celebrations.. Always Remember to ASK the Food Operator about the price of the Food you order. Some Food Outlets might increase their Food price on the 1st-3rd Day of CNY.

For Food Operators, If the Price of the food you sell is increase or Double than the Original price, Make sure you inform your customers upon taking order or Stick a Notice at your Stall.

Honesty is a MUST when doing Business. If you tell your customers about the Special Price of the Food you sell during CNY and they have no obligation on it, means they dont mind and wiling to pay for it.

Together We Eat Happily, Live Happily, Enjoy Happily... Eating is Life ! But eating and complaint is not Life !