Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Love Programme - The Green Ribbon Association

[ Kuching Food Critics LOVE Programme 2015 ]

On this coming 7th February 2015 (Saturday), 1.00pm, We are going to have small Chinese New Year Party with the people at The Green Ribbon Association (Home of Love), Jalan Emerald, Kuching.

We need 10 Volunteers from Kuching Food Critics members who is : -
1. Happy Go Lucky & Cheerful person
2. Have your own Transportation to go to the location.
3. Friendly (Not Antisocial), Not sensitive, Must be Open minded and of course important is Not Racist !
4. Not a Political affiliated. Do not wear any Shirt which have Politic logo or represent any Group. Kuching Food Critics is a Free For All Group. We are not on anybody side.
5. Must be a Creative person.
If you think you meet all requirements as stated above, Please Submit your name to me. Those agak agak can go or not or ask me to reserve your name will not be entertain. First come First Serve Basis.

Thank you.

Confirmed Volunteer Names are stated below : -

1. Kathy KT
2. Sierra'Nick AmieExora'Laai
3. Kelly Kho
4. Bibiana Bong
5. Kuifan Fankia
6. Celes Ng
7. Sean S'k
8. BF Thien.