Friday, 30 January 2015



In Kuching Food Critics, We always analysis the Reasons why Customers always complaint Food is serving slow or they have to wait long for their food.
Actually, there are 2 Major things we have to understand. See the photo below. 

There are 2 kinds of Situation.
1st -  is Doing nothing while waiting for Food.
2nd - Playing handphone while waiting for Food.

 For Example : -
If 1st Photo Man is waiting for his Food for 30 minutes doing nothing at all... For him, his 30 minutes is like 1 hour plus+
For 2nd Photo Couple. If he waited for his food for 30 minutes while playing handphone games.. Facebooking or etc, For him his 30 minutes is like 10 minutes. WHY ? Cos they have something to do and their mind is occupied with something.

There are few complaints in Kuching Food Critics posted by some members, saying they waited for few hours... But when we do our Investigations by seeing the Outlet CCTV, that members who complaint is actually only waited for 20 minutes.

So, We was wondering what makes this customers think that his 20 minutes is = Few Hours ? So, We believed our Explanation might be the Reasons why incident or complaints like this happened.
Or any members here have any ideas of explanation you guys wanna share ?
Please discuss.. Thanks !