Tuesday, 30 December 2014

ABC Seafood @ Taman Kereta

MILLION THANKS to ABC Seafood for selling Fried Soft Shell Crabs to me. 

First, I went to Stall No.25. I asked one of the Chinese Guy if they are selling Soft Shell Crab ? He said yes but not much. Only left 2kg. I said i want and for Tapau. Then when he heard "Tapau" ? He immediately said he kenot sell it to me cos they need it for their Dine-In Customers. I said... Since u have only 2kg, i buy it all that 2kgs lah.. He still insist not to sell it to me. Maybe my Face macam orang miskin tak mampu nak makan Soft Shell Crab or Duit saya takda kepala agung.

Never mind. I then proceed to ABC Seafood. One lady said got sell and ask if i want Big or Small portion ? I said i want Small portion for Tapau. Can i ? She said.. "Why not?". 

Well, Nowadays people do business macam ada sombong sikit. Well, takpa punya.. Kuching bukan saja ada satu tempat yang menjual Soft Shell Crab. I use to be a Fan of Stall No. 25 but because of this incident, I will never wanna layan them again.. Sorry ! 

Thanks ABC Seafood for full filling my Kes Mengidam Soft Shell Crab. Appreciated it very much ! 

Soft Shell Crab @ Rm24.00 (Small Portion)

Front View of ABC Seafood

Fried Soft Shell Crab @ Rm24.00
(Small Portion)