Sunday, 30 November 2014

J Sum Bake House

J Sum Bake House

J Sum Bake House is a bakery that specializes in the baking of different flavours of bread and cakes with chic designs. J Sum Bake House was officially opened on 30th August this year, 2014. 

Before their grand opening, they have baked some samples of pastries to be offered to the old folks home, Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, The Salvation Army Children’s Home and many more charitable organization! 

A little story of the beginning of this bake house – Alex, the owner of this bake house from Miri who is a businessman in the animal health and commercial animal feed industry has a passion for food. He has travelled across countries, from east to west, indulging the wonders of taste. Memorised with the varieties of mouth watering food across the world, the food in Miri or in Sarawak in general hardly satisfies his palate. With a dream and goal to provide high quality products to the community, Alex created J Sum Bake House (Metaphorically as a pine tree growing taller each day) - a direct translation from the Hokkien and Cantonese dialect Jik Sum. Alex hired a baker with 20 years of experience from Taiwan to train the local bakers 2 months in hopes of bringing in to Kuching a touch of Taiwan’s pastry, buns and breads for the community. It is the bakery’s aim to improve baking skills and quality of the products, providing the community the luxury of tasting quality pastries and buns with a decent price.

Some of the pastries offered by J Sum Bake House are Durian Bun, Yam Bun, Red Bean Bun etc are made from original fresh ingredients found locally and imported.

Address : 
 Lot 11406, Ground Floor, Tabuan Height Commercial Centre, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching, Malaysia

Phone : 
082 – 593993

Email :
Facebook Page :

Operating Hours :
Monday to Sunday from 0900HRS - 2200HRS. 

Front View of J Sum Bake House

Pastries display

Pastries display

Cakes display

Inside View of J Sum Bake House


Bread freshly baked out from oven.

Various kind of Pastries to choose.