Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pisang Goreng @ Kenyalang Old Market

Pisang Goreng Stall
Location : Kenyalang Old Market


After seeing so many people queueing up to buy Pisang Goreng at a Stall at Kenyalang Old Market, I took photo and asked in Kuching Food Critics about How nice is their Pisang Goreng till there is so many people queueing up. It seems like majority responded that their Cucur Pisang is very good and some even said their Cucur Pisang is one of the Best in town. 

So, i tried to queue and here is my Personal Rating and Comments..

Many people queueing up to buy Pisang Goreng.

Husband & Wife do the Business. Husband fried the Pisang Goreng and Wife do packing and take order.

Rm1.00 for 4 pieces. 

Personal Rating : 8/10.

Personal Comment : Food Operator is Friendly. Pisang Goreng not so oily. Price reasonable. 

For my own Opinion, I still love the Pisang Goreng located at a Chinese Temple at Carpenter Street. Nearby this Aladin Cafe.