Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Steamboat @ The Banquet Restaurant

Location : The Banquet Restaurant, 3rd Exchange, Kuching.


The Banquet Restaurant front signage.

Front Entrance View.

Overall View.

This is the Steamboat Banner. Rm50.00 per person including Chinese Tea Drink. 
- Eat All You Can -

The Steamboat is using Ceramic Pot.

2 Gas Stove for 6 pax.

Order by ticking your Favourite ingredients using the Order sheet. Ingredients freshly out from the Kitchen.

Basket of Seafood & Meat.
(Consist of Big Prawns, Crab, Fish, Beef and Chicken Slices & many more)

Fish Balls, Egg, Vegetables, Tauhu, Tang Hoon, Mushroom & etc.

Beef Slices.

Chicken Meat Slices.

Big Fresh Prawns.

See how big is the Prawn.

Flower Crabs.

2 Kinds of Soup to choose. This is Porridge Soup.

This is Fish Head Soup.

Also served BBQ Lamb Chop.

Everyone will be served a bowl of Fried Rice.

Otak Otak.

BBQ Chicken.

Overall Personal Rating : 8.5/10.

Good Customer Service as the friendly waiters is always standby to take your orders & to clean your table and plates.

Clean & Nice Enviroment having Steamboat.

Some might think that Rm50.00 per person might be expensive a bit if compare with other Steamboat Shop but for my Personal Opinion, It's Value for money as ...

1. It's a Restaurant with Certified HALAL certificate.
2. They served Big Fresh Prawns, Flower Crab & other ingredients.
3. They have Nice & Soft Ice Cream directly pump out from the Ice Cream machine.
4. Nice Enviroment with Friendly & Good Customer oriented waiters where they are always at your service. (Maybe the time i was there has less Customers ? Hehehe...)
5. Quality of the Soups (Porridge & Fish Head Soup) is thick enough. Not dilluted or using soup cube.
6. What impressed me the most is the Captain and the staffs always help me to keep on eye at my 2 Kids running here and there as they don't want anything bad happen to them. By this, Thanks to them i can enjoy my Food with Open heart.

My Suggestion to improve more : -
1. Put more varieties of Steamboat Ingredients such as Clams, Muscles, Bamboo Clams, Vegetables, Fried Noodle, Snacks for Kids and etc.