Monday, 20 October 2014

Demon Deli

Demon Deli
Location : Tabuan Tranquility, After Giant Stutong & Before McDonald Drive Thru.


This is my Receipt.

Home Made Deep Fried Pork @ RM8.90 
(My Personal Comment : Nice Preparation & Decoration. Food is unique with Bear Paw design. The Deep Fried Pork is a bit tasteless. Personal Rating is : 5.5/10)  

Lemon Chicken Strip @ RM4.90
(My Personal Comment : This one okay.. Not bad. Personal Rating : 6.5/10)

Original Cheese Tamago @ RM6.90
(My Personal Comment : I admitted that i like this one.. For me, It's nice. Personal Rating : 8/10)

 Herbal Jelly Black Tea Latte @ RM6.90
(My Personal Comment : Not suit my taste. Sorry ! A bit diluted. 
Personal Rating : 5.5/10)


 I understand that this shop is newly opened shop. Not up to 1 month. No worries, Keep up the Spirit of improving. Do not Give up easily and make sure the Management will always get Feedback from your Customers on what things need to be improve. Of course we cannot pleased everyone but at least we try our Best to Pleased majority.

Promo for your Customers to promote more about your business is a MUST. People loves Promo where they can enjoy Special Discounts, Save money and tasted all the Food you have. 

Yours Customer Service is Good. Your Crews knows how to smile and say Thank you to me. Food serving time is okay. Not too long waiting for my food to be serve eventhough your restaurant is Full House during that time.

Others i have no comments. Just that some of the Food need slightly to be improve. Good Luck in improving your business and i shall come back for more very soon.