Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pisang Goreng @ Kenyalang Old Market

Pisang Goreng Stall
Location : Kenyalang Old Market


After seeing so many people queueing up to buy Pisang Goreng at a Stall at Kenyalang Old Market, I took photo and asked in Kuching Food Critics about How nice is their Pisang Goreng till there is so many people queueing up. It seems like majority responded that their Cucur Pisang is very good and some even said their Cucur Pisang is one of the Best in town. 

So, i tried to queue and here is my Personal Rating and Comments..

Many people queueing up to buy Pisang Goreng.

Husband & Wife do the Business. Husband fried the Pisang Goreng and Wife do packing and take order.

Rm1.00 for 4 pieces. 

Personal Rating : 8/10.

Personal Comment : Food Operator is Friendly. Pisang Goreng not so oily. Price reasonable. 

For my own Opinion, I still love the Pisang Goreng located at a Chinese Temple at Carpenter Street. Nearby this Aladin Cafe. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Kuching Food Critics Badge Programme 2014 - 1st Batch

[ Kuching Food Critics Badge Programme ]

(25/10/2014, 9.00am)

Many Thanks to 
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP)
All Badge Holders
Participating Merchants
Volunteers who support & volunteer themselves to help us in this Badge Programme.

For everyone information, We are giving away 114 sets of Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal Set using the 1st Batch of our Badge Sales (Rm700.00) and the Great news is Kentucky Fried Chicken management is sponsoring another 136 sets which makes it in total of 250 sets. This food set will be distributed at 5 locations in Kuching as stated below.

Distribution of KFC meal sets is at ...

Song Kheng Hai : 28 sets.
Petanak : 22 sets.
Sg. Apong : 90 sets.
Poh Kwong Park : 20 sets.
Kpg Kudei : 90 sets.

This people who received this KFC Meal Set is from the Poor Family which has low income and they are registered with Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP) for their extreme hard living life. Many of them don't even have proper meal per day.

We, Kuching Food Critics Admins would like to Thanks everyone for your Great Supports, Efforts and Contribution towards our Badge Programme.

Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP) & Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Staffs with Kuching Food Critics Admins & Volunteers.

Proof of Purchase from 1st Batch Badge Sales (Rm700.00).

Kuching Urban Poor Secretary, Colonel Fabian giving a Short briefing on what is the programme about and what should we do.

Everyone helping to carry the KFC Set Meal to SKUP Van.

SKUP Van full of Food to be distribute.

Photo shooting with registered Poor people at Song Kheng Hai.

Photo shooting with registered Poor people at Sungai Apong.

Photo shooting with registered Poor people at Kampung Kudei.

Distribute KFC Set Meal at Kampung Kudei.
(90 pax)

Distribute KFC Set Meal at Poh Kwong Park.
(20 pax)

Distribute KFC Set Meal at Sungai Apong.
(90 pax)

Distribute KFC Set Meal at Petanak Market.
(22 pax)

Distribute KFC Set Meal at Song Kheng Hai.
(28 pax)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram

Kuching Food Critics mengucapkan "Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram".

Awal Muharram atau Maal Hijrah merupakan suatu hari yang penting bagi umat Islam kerana menandakan peristiwa penting yang berlaku dalam sejarah Islam iaitu memperingati penghijrahan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w dari Kota Makkah ke Madinah pada tahun 622 Masihi. Peristiwa bersejarah itu berlaku pada 1 Muharam tahun baru bagi Takwim Hijrah. Namun Tahun Hijrah Rasulullah SAW dari Mekah ke Madinah itu diambil sebagai permulaan kiraan bagi kalendar Hijrah.

Di Malaysia hari tersebut merupakan hari keagamaan di mana umat Islam mengadakan solat sunat di masjid-masjid di seluruh negeri. Hari Maal Hijrah atau Awal Muharram merupakan hari cuti umum di Malaysia.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

One Roof Cafe

One Roof Cafe
Location : Jalan Song. Block 11, MTLD. Same row with Cloud 99 Ice Cream.


Front Shop View.

Teppan Pork Ramen @ Rm10.90
(Personal Rating : 8/10)
Presentation need improvement so that won't look so sad but taste not bad.

Teppan Drumstick Rice @ Rm12.90
(Personal Rating : 8/10)
Presentation okay. Taste not bad.

Fried Chicken Wings @ Rm5.90
(Personal Rating : 5/10)
Sorry ! The Chicken Wings is too dry. Preferable to be juicy a bit.

3 Layer Milk Tea @ Rm4.90
(Personal Rating : 7/10)
Not bad. Taste okay.

Golden QQ Ball @ Rm6.90
(Personal Rating : 7/10)
Not bad. Taste okay.

My Total Bill.

Customer Service : 8/10. Staffs is Friendly.

Give my personal Feedback to the Boss. They accept my Feedback with a Big Smile and open heart. They also wrote down what is my Feedback.

Food served within 15-20 minutes. Not too long for me.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Demon Deli

Demon Deli
Location : Tabuan Tranquility, After Giant Stutong & Before McDonald Drive Thru.


This is my Receipt.

Home Made Deep Fried Pork @ RM8.90 
(My Personal Comment : Nice Preparation & Decoration. Food is unique with Bear Paw design. The Deep Fried Pork is a bit tasteless. Personal Rating is : 5.5/10)  

Lemon Chicken Strip @ RM4.90
(My Personal Comment : This one okay.. Not bad. Personal Rating : 6.5/10)

Original Cheese Tamago @ RM6.90
(My Personal Comment : I admitted that i like this one.. For me, It's nice. Personal Rating : 8/10)

 Herbal Jelly Black Tea Latte @ RM6.90
(My Personal Comment : Not suit my taste. Sorry ! A bit diluted. 
Personal Rating : 5.5/10)


 I understand that this shop is newly opened shop. Not up to 1 month. No worries, Keep up the Spirit of improving. Do not Give up easily and make sure the Management will always get Feedback from your Customers on what things need to be improve. Of course we cannot pleased everyone but at least we try our Best to Pleased majority.

Promo for your Customers to promote more about your business is a MUST. People loves Promo where they can enjoy Special Discounts, Save money and tasted all the Food you have. 

Yours Customer Service is Good. Your Crews knows how to smile and say Thank you to me. Food serving time is okay. Not too long waiting for my food to be serve eventhough your restaurant is Full House during that time.

Others i have no comments. Just that some of the Food need slightly to be improve. Good Luck in improving your business and i shall come back for more very soon.  

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Wedding Reception @ Crown Square

Attended Wedding Reception
Location : Crown Square.


This is the Menu of the Dishes they are going to serve.

Superb Combination.

Dried Seafood Soup with Superior Shell Fish.

Steamed Fish in Teochew Style.

Pattaya Mango Chicken

Braised Trotter with Buns.

Superior Shell Fish with Mushroom.

Butter Prawn.

Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Mango & Cream.

Overall Personal Rating : 9/10.

Everrise Supermarket

Everrise Supermarket
Location : BDC, Kuching.

Many kinds of Sandwiches & Salads from Backerei & JP Mart.

Cakes from Backerei.

Salads from Backerei.

Sushi Ingredients from JP Mart.

Many Kind of Sushi from JP Mart.

Premium Sushi Set from JP Mart @ Rm18.50.

Premium Sushi Set from JP Mart @ Rm18.50

Salmon Sushi (5pcs) from JP Mart @ Rm12.50.

Potato Salad

Chuka Hotate (Scallop) from JP Mart @ Rm9.90.

Baby Abalone from JP Mart @ Rm9.90.