Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tortoise Steamed Bun

Tortoise Steamed Bun
Can be found and bought at Sei Ong Kong Temple. Opposite Medan Pelita (Star Cineplex)

Simple introduction about this Tortoise Steamed Bun :

This Tortoise Steamed Bun is usually prepared for Taoist's deities Birthday Celebration. In Kuching, It's white and shaped like a Tortoise and have a "Longevity" chop on its body signifiying long life of the deities and followers. 

This is Sei Ong Kong Temple (Front View)

Side View of the Temple.

Front Entrance View.

Inside of the Temple rare lots of Tortoise.

Inside of the Temple rare lots of Tortoise.

Lots of Tortoise Steamed Bun in many Kinds and Size.

Small & Big Tortoise Steamed Bun also got.

Even they sell in 1 set which consist of Big and Small Tortoise Steamed Bun. Price around Rm20.00+.

Also got Steamed Bun in the shape of Peach fruits.

After you bought it, you have to steamed it before you eat.

Inside is Red Bean Paste.

My Question to you ....

"How do you eat the Tortoise Steamed Bun ?"
"Start from which part of the Tortoise?"
"Head ? Tail ? or The Legs ?"