Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Coffee Clinic

The Coffee Clinic
Location : Ground Floor, Sublot 16, Song Plaza (Opposite CityOne)


Front View of Coffee Clinic.

Inside View.

Chicken Ham & Egg Sandwich @ Rm5.50
(Personal Rating : 6/10)

Preferable if they can provide Empty Plate so that I'll not dirty their Table with
my Sandwich Bread Crumb.

Latte @ Rm9.00
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Piccolo Latte @ Rm8.00
(Personal Rating : 7/10)

This is my Total Bill.

Personal Comments :
(1) Nice Place & Atmosphere to have Coffee.
(2) I ordered American Breakfast but was told by the Cashier that the Chef is not in due to went to Groceries. My Advise is : Make sure you are fully prepared before you open for business to avoid Customer disappointment. 
(3) Staffs is Friendly.