Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hong Yong Seafood Supplies Sdn Bhd

Hong Yong Seafood Supplies Sdn Bhd
Location : Behind Pending Seafood.

To Salmon Sashimi & Sushi Fans, 

If you want to get Fresh Salmon Fish, You can go to this Hong Yong Seafood Supplies to get Fresh Salmon at a very Cheap Price (Rm45.00 per kilo). Normally at any Sushi Restaurant, they charge at Rm65.00-80.00 per kilo but if you buy at your own and cut yourself, You can save a lot. Of course, Japanese Restaurant charge more expensive a bit as the price is includes Service Fees such as Cleaning and cutting.

Front View of Hong Yong Seafood Supplies 

The Truck they use to send the Seafood Products.

Daily Fresh Salmon Fish Import.

Fresh Salmon Fish.

This is the Bill. Rm45.00 per kilo.