Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Handmade Burger @ Opposite Medan Hamidah

Handmade Burger
Location : Opposite Medan Hamidah. KFC Drive Thru. At New Shoplot at Sugarbun Restaurant.


Front Shop View.

Inside shop view.

Cooking Super Big Patty.

Price for this Burger is Rm14.80 with 2 Eggs.

Personal Rating : 9/10.

My Personal Comments :

(1) Burger is very Big. Must be share at least 2 people.
(2) Maybe the Food Operator should put Exhaust Fan so that the shop vendilation is good. Not smoky inside the shop.
(3) Preferable to use more sharper Knife to cut the Super Big Burger.
(4) I asked for tissue but waiter said dont have. Prefer if Food Operator can provide Tissue.