Friday, 5 September 2014

Buffet @ St3 Building

The Cafeteria Buffet
Location : On Top Floor of ST3 Building , Same Floor with K11 Karaoke. 
(Opposite TheSpring)


Price per person is Rm12.99 (Which is Rm13.00) per Adult.

This is the Front view

Price List & Operating Hours.

Inside View of The Cafeteria.

The Food Corner

Price is included Drinks.

Fried Mee & Nasi Lemak

Steamed Rice & Lady Finger.

Fish Rice & Mixed Vegetables.

Cream Mushroom Soup.


Chicken cook with Soya Sauce.


Dessert Corner.

My Receipt. 

My Personal Rating for Overall : 8/10. (GOOD)

My Personal Comments : 
Price Reasonable at such price.
Food is Nice.
Atmosophere of the Place is Nice.
Perhaps can include more variety of Local Dishes. Simple one will do as we can't expect too much for such price they charge.