Saturday, 2 August 2014

Kuching Food Critics Badge Programme 2014 NOTICE


Dear Kuching Food Critics Members,

Our Kuching Food Critics Badge has received an Overwhelming Response that our Badges are almost sold out at both Authorized Outlets. In case you not yet buy your Badge, Please Go & Grab One as soon as possible before it ran out of stock.

However, Do Not Worry & Be Patience as our 2nd Batch Badges (Serial Number : 501-1000) will be out very Soon.. Sorry, We can't help anyone to reserve number anymore for this 2nd Batch. It's First Come First Serve Basis. We will inform everyone when our 2nd Batch is ready.

We Thanks everyone for all your supports towards our Kuching Food Critics Badge Programme 2014. We apologize if there is anything make you unhappy or complaints. We will try our best in doing everything.
Oh yah, 2nd Batch.. We got 10 Limited Edition Badge which is different from normal Badge. Hehehehe.. Once it's released, We will inform everyone how u can get it. Hehehe...

Thanks everyone.. Have a Good Day !