Friday, 22 August 2014

Mee Udang Family Cafe @ Family Cafe, Jalan Haji Taha.

Mee Udang Family Cafe @ Family Cafe
Location : Jalan Haji Taha, Beside AmBank Satok, Kuching.


This is the Front view of the Cafe.

Front view of the Stall.

The Stall Menu & Price List.

Very Big Udang Galah.

This is Mee Udang Galah Superb @ Rm58.00
See the Gravy of the Udang Galah. 

Personal Comment : 
Nothing Special about the Mee. Just the Udang Galah is Superb ! 

Personal Rating :
9/10 (For the Prawn)
7/10 (For the Mee)
9/10 (For the Service Friendliness)

Personal Advise :
You need to bring lots of tissue with you as you need to eat the prawn using your bare hand. The prawn is very juicy and Fresh.